GH Promo: New Secrets, New Twists

General Hospital’s newest promo is promising new secrets, new twists, and features a mix of new and old faces!

As GH’s new regime settles in (today was head writer Ron Carlivati’s first episode), the soap is teasing fans with a preview of what’s to come. The promo highlights the current crop of characters and promises new secrets and new twists — featuring the recently returned Finola Hughes (Anna), the soon-to-return Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Emma Samms (Holly), and One Life to Live transplants Kristen Alderson (Starr), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Roger Howarth (Todd) and Michael Easton (John McBain).

How will the Scorpio/Drake family deal with Robin’s death? How will her death impact her friends in town?

Who will fall victim to the war between Sonny and the Zaccharas?

Why is Todd promising to make Sonny pay?

Who is holding Luke?

Why are Carly and Blair toasting to never looking back?

What happened to Starr?

What’s your speculation?


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  1. Where are Lulu, Maxie, spin and Olivea? I think I am done with this show. I have watch it for over 40 years and the way they have treated JMB and NLG is just wrong. I Really don’t want to keep watching new and transplanted caritures in place of them.

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