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Hart of Dixie Recap: "Snowflakes and Soulmates"


In this week’s Hart of Dixie episode, “Snowflakes and Soulmates,” we learned that when it snows in Bluebell, bad things happen to the townspeople. That makes perfect sense to me because snow, even when it’s only a few inches, is the worst.

Overall, this was not my favorite episode. (Is it just me or has TV been terrible in general this week)? I wouldn’t say this episode was terrible or even bad because there were some really cute moments (yes, they mostly involve Wade) but it just didn’t hold my attention. The running theme was relationships, both between parents and children and like the title says: soulmates.

Zoe was probably the one person in town who was excited about the snow because it reminded her of New York and she thought it was pretty even after Lavon explained all the bad things that happen when it snows. My favorite was the story he told about the time he had to get snow boots for Burt Reynolds (his pet alligator) and they turned out to be alligator skin. But Zoe refused to be derailed. She was excited because it was her father’s (the one who raised her) birthday and she had sent him a gift and was looking forward to talking to him. But not only did he never receive the gift, it turned out that he had moved back to New York and never told her. Ouch.

Lavon was having his own parental issues. His parents announced they were visiting unexpectedly and he was trying to convince Didi that they were going to love her since she was nervous about meeting them. She was finally onboard but then his parents told him that they were getting a divorce because his mother had fallen for someone new. Ouch. But luckily, Wade and Didi stepped up and helped Lavon’s father plan this huge romantic “vacation” (in Zoe’s guesthouse) and they were back together by the end of the episode. Lavon and Didi, however, broke up because Lavon is still not over Lemon and didn’t want to string her along.

Lemon and George’s plan to elope wasn’t going so well either. Magnolia found out and insisted on going with them and then she used up all the gas in the truck. Lemon told Brick and he wanted to come too but he got hurt in the snow and needed Zoe to drive him to South Carolina for the wedding. Lavon ended up jumping the truck for them and Lemon told him that they were eloping which just made him sad. But as I said, there were a few really cute moments. Let’s just jump to those.

Top 5 Best Moments:

5. George called off the elopement because he wanted to have a real wedding. (Look, I said something nice about George without any coaching from the writers)! He knew Lemon had always dreamed of a beautiful wedding and he wanted to give her that and he wanted his family there too instead of just getting married in a courthouse surrounded by strangers. It was sweet.

4. Wade’s excitement over Lavon’s parents being in town. He went on and on about how they were the coolest people he’d ever met and it was adorable how he just kept showing up and trying to get them to pay attention to him. He even wanted to learn to play their favorite song on the guitar which brings me to…

3. Wade plays the guitar and he sings. No further explanation needed as to why this is awesome.

2. Brick listened to Zoe talking about her father as she was driving him to South Carolina for the wedding and he told her that if it was any consolation, it was his loss. This was such a sweet moment and the second time Brick has stepped up as a father-figure for Zoe. I really thought I would hate his character after the first few episodes and I’m so glad I was wrong. He’s a good guy.

1. Wade apologized to Zoe for breaking up her and Judson. The stuff with Lavon’s parents had gotten him thinking about true love and he genuinely felt bad that he’d ruined things. He told her that if there was any chance that Judson was her true love, he’d come back. Zoe clarified that Judson was not her true love and the smile on Wade’s face when he heard that said it all. 

Mandy Treccia
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  1. This review was PERFECT. Your top five moments were of course my top five too LOL big shock there. I love Wade. I just wanted to hug him. Anyway yeah TV blows this week :/ Great review! 

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