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GH Previews: Week of February 27


Jason Thompson

Patrick tries to pick up the pieces of his life after Robin’s death; new arrivals hit Port Charles.


Sam, Patrick and Monica try to keep Robin’s death a secret from Jason to prevent a deadly neurological episode. When Patrick holds Jason’s life in his hands, will he save him? Or will he late his hatred overtake his sworn oath? Meanwhile, Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) returns to town and is reunited with ex-wife, Anna and brother, Mac. Maxie doubts Spinelli’s when he reluctantly tells her about Robin. A distraught Patrick has an important conversation with Emma regarding her mother. Mac tries to hold back Robert.

Starr Manning’s storyline begins. Michael feels responsible for what happened to Starr. A helpless Luke is at the mercy of Helena Cassadine. Holly Scorpio returns to Port Charles and attempts to reconnect with Ethan. Kate’s odd behavior has Olivia worried. Liz and Ewen have a heart to heart. Carly and Johnny’s relationship continues to grow. Dante and Lulu discuss the legacies of their fathers. Will Carly tell Jason about Robin?

Who is Jason’s “visitor” on Monday, February 27?

Ewen pays a visit to Elizabeth on Wednesday, February 29

Kate ends up in Sonny’s arms on Thursday, March 1

Anna asks Luke to help her find Robert; Blair Manning arrives in Port Charles on Friday, March 2.


Luke and Robert have a talk. Starr gets an unexpected visitor. Carly and Alexis go toe-to-toe. Lulu finds herself on the receiving end of some choice words from Maxie. Carly meets Todd Manning. Dante has questions for his cousin Kate. Todd and Sonny come face to face.

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  1. this is the dumbest writing i’ve ever seen! no hospital would have let patrick do the operation on jason that would be a instant lawsuit in the making. why didn’t mac kick mobbie spindork out, just so stupid! why isn’t mac and maxi mad at the mob and all mob people. mac and maxi have lost two loves ones due to the mob in some way.  no way they should be kissing up to them.  why is the mobbies jason and spindork being treated like royalty?  why hasn’t matt been told yet?  this is horrid writing!

  2. Yes, these are the small details that are important to the loyal fans. Please do a better job of recapping the episodes.

  3. So police commisioner Mac is now pimping and propping the right hand stooge of Jason’s aka Spinelli?  Mac thinks Spinelli should tell Maxie about Robin because he is such a great guy?  WTF!  On what planet does a father prop a assassin’s flunky out to his only remaining daughter!!  On a scale to 1-10 how bad is GH,  about a 100!  This show is going downhill faster than a speeding bullet. Mac deserved better than this crap.

  4. Not nice!! There are those of us that LOVE Spinelli!! Let’s not be rude, please. Just saying :-(

  5.  “Dante has questions for his aunt Kate”………. Olivia & Kate are cousins, not sisters. So Kate is not Dante’s aunt, she’s his cousin.

  6. All I care about are the Liz and Ewen scenes! But I’m really looking forward to one life to live people coming

  7. It figures that bug-eyed toad Spinelli is the one that tells Maxie about Robin dying!  So contrived!  Just once couldn’t we get a nice heartfelt scene between Mac and Maxie.  Mac should be the one to tell Maxie about Robin.

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