GH Previews: Week of March 5

Roger Howarth

Todd Manning arrives in Port Charles; Luke reaches out to Robert.


Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) arrives in Port Charles. Todd and Blair rally around Starr. Michael and Blair are unsuccessful in their attempts to help a grieving Starr. Meanwhile, Todd has a chance encounter with Carly. Starr lets Todd comfort her when she wakes up to him at her side. Starr’s mention of Sonny sets into motion a confrontation between her father and Port Charles’ resident mobster.

Luke pulls out all the stops to get through to a distraught Robert. Holly pleads with Ethan drop his search for Helena. Robert convinces Anna he has an important task to complete. Holly has second thoughts about her conversation with Luke and Robert.

Maxie has an important flashback and later almost spills a big secret to Lulu. Dante and Delores investigate the gun found in Kate’s office. Johnny realizes something major about Kate. Sonny confronts Carly about her relationship with Johnny and later is questioned Dante. Alexis is concerned about the affect Carly and Johnny’s relationship will have on Sonny. Lulu accuses Delores of stealing evidence. Steve wants to tell Olivia the truth.

Anna has an important task for Elizabeth on Monday, March 5.

Carly takes her frustrations out on Alexis on Tuesday, March 6.

Ewen drops by Crimson to offer Kate help; Lulu discovers evidence has mysteriously disappeared on Thursday, March 8.

Starr confronts Michael; another big trial is underway at the courthouse on Friday, March 9.


Michael Easton joins the cast of General Hospital as John McBain. Why has John come to Port Charles? Todd Manning and Sonny Corinthos face off. A big event takes place in town. What does Anthony have planned for Johnny and Kate? Monica and Tracy clash. Jason and Sam get heated.



  1. is it Kate or Ronnie who shot Sonny (twice) and Anthony tires oh or it could be Jax

  2. ok i’m confuse Carly say’s Sonny’s endangers his children because of the MOB ok is Johnny a sunday school teacher i mean come on writer you can do better and the fact that no one on the show has said anything about her being with  Johnny  this also put Anthony in  herand her family’s life please do a better job of writing i do not want to lose GH too 

  3. I would like to see more Dante and Lulu Falconeri…..the last I checked they were married, happily….but never seem to be together at all these days.  Fingers crossed that that will change soon and they will have a storyline, together…one where they can be shown as a married happy couple…..and not one which makes all married couples doomed.  Married can equal a happy storyline!!

  4. I want Maxie & Matt.  Why can’t we just get them. The Maxie-Spinelli scenes are so forced and the actors have no chemistry, the Matt-Liz scenes don’t make any sense and are just plot point. This show is so predictable.  And I suppose Matt is responsible for Lisa’s death so that Spinelli can play hero to Maxie.  So predictable.

  5. ReRon is just continuing GW’s destruction of Matt/Maxie.  I’m sure it’s all to pimp and prop Spinelli somehow in the end. You mark my words on that one.

  6. GH is leaving a lot of important details out the information supplied to the media outlets. Just because we don’t mention it, doesn’t mean they won’t be on or heavily featured. Just keep that in mind :)

  7. Where is Matt’s reaction to his Sister-In-Law’s death?  Where is Matt and Patrick’s scenes over Robin?  Where are Matt and Maxie’s bonding scenes? This should be about family!  Ron Carlivati sucks!

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