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GH Previews: Week of March 12


Jen Lilley

As friends and family prepare to say goodbye to Robin, Maxie has a major meltdown at the funeral!


Matt worries for Maxie as she continues to be wracked with guilt over the role she feels she played in Robin’s unfortunate death. Ewen’s counsel fails to help Maxie. All of Robin’s family and friends prepare to say their goodbyes at her memorial service.

Mac and Lulu are unable to convince Maxie to attend Robin’s funeral. Tracy and Monica’s argument about Robin’s death and funeral has an adverse effect on Edward. Many pay loving tribute to Robin, including some surprises. Patrick is overwhelmed when he attempts to speak at Robin’s service. Maxie has a major meltdown at Robin’s funeral.

Jason is adamant on seeing Robin after Spinelli inadvertently mentions something is wrong. Sam enlists Alexis and Molly in her plan to keep Jason in the dark about Robin’s death and funeral. Unfortunately for Sam, Carly has other plans and is determined to tell Jason the truth. Will Sam be able to stop Carly in time?

The Corinthos and Manning families face off! Carly and Blair share a common bond; Michael struggles to talk with Starr. Johnny gets pulled deeper into part-time Kate’s (aka Connie) issues. Michael Easton joins the cast of General Hospital as John McBain.

Steve reveals his secret to Olivia and shares who else knew on Monday, March 12.

A shot rings out. Olivia finds a way to help Steve after overhearing a conversation between Tracy and Anthony on Tuesday, March 13.

Robin’s memorial service begins on Wednesday, March 14.

Port Charles residents pay loving tribute to Robin on Thursday, March 15.

Sonny takes a business call with a surprising visitor on Friday, March 16.


Sam has a case of déjà vu when she meets John McBain. Jason and Elizabeth run into each other. Rick Springfield returns as Noah Drake. What is the newest puzzle from Jason & Sam’s past? Mac and others try to get Maxie to come to her senses. Jason is angry at Sam.

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  1. Todd calling out Sonny is a joke! Everybody is either acting over the top or not even bothering at all.  Saw the new promo, not surprised that Liz, Matt & Maxie, or Epiphany wasn’t included but hey Robin’s “best friend” Jason the eat everybody’s story was included. So Jason Cook isn’t good enough to make the credits anymore?  But people who aren’t even on the show anymore are?

  2. Yeah i’m starting to feel really uncomfortable now about RC/FV. Two major stories going and TWO of the players are MIA?

    It’s RIDICULOUS that Jason hasn’t been shown in days and i’m not even a fan of Jason but c’mon! instead we see Starr and her folks day after day.Where the heck is PATRICK? after his wife, a GH vet, DIED! where’s Matt, Emma, Anna, Robin’s colleagues getting together to remember her?Instead it’s Todd Manning playing god in PC.I’m sure that he cut TR short to have more room for OLTL folks.I have no words. GH fans are about to get seriously screwed here.Who would have thought that Guza and even GW weren’t the worst kind of evils

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