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B&B Previews: Week of March 12

Kim Matula

Hope reveals the true reason why she’s taken a vow of abstinence.


Monday – Hope meets with a new doctor and divulges the true reason for her pledge of abstinence. Bill intervenes when he catches Steffy about to give in to Liam’s heartfelt request.

Tuesday – Hope asks Brooke to keep the secret she revealed during her therapy session. Bill takes extreme measures to keep Steffy from signing her annulment papers. Hope and Liam make another attempt at having an intimate evening together.

Wednesday – Brooke and Ridge attempt to talk Steffy out of her spontaneous plan to heal her heart. Hope grapples with her emotions concerning the new step she’s taking in her relationship with Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted Thursday and Friday due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

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