DAYS Previews: Week of March 12

Christie Clark

Carrie ends her marriage to Austin after learning of his “affair” with Abby! Kate plans to expose Sami!


Lucas and Will have an emotional reunion. Hope is frantic having heard Bo’s condition. John and Hope are caught breaking into a government office. Kate forces Sami to burn the midnight oil. Rafe discovers the secret Nicole has been hiding. Carrie confesses her love to Rafe. Melanie insists that Abigail tell Austin the truth. Sonny’s coffee house has its grand opening. Gabi deletes Melanie’s text to Chad. Daniel advises Brady to move on. Abe tries to make amends with Lexie. Lucas is caught in between his mother and Sami!

Monday – Carrie finds Abigail in Austin’s arms in their room, and Abigail tells Carrie that they made love. Hope manages to call Bo’s room and Billie answers. Hope hears that Bo is dying. John and Hope devise a plan to return to Salem.

Tuesday – Lexie resuscitates Bo, but informs everyone he’s still in bad shape. John and Hope break into the Alamanian security office to retrieve their passports. EJ sets out to bring Lexie back into the DiMera fold.

Wednesday – Carrie informs Rafe about Austin and Abby’s affair. Billie tells Austin she’ll help repair his marriage. Melanie uncovers Abby’s lies and insists that she tell Austin the truth. Hope and John get caught by Stefano.

Thursday – Austin hears Carrie confess her love to Rafe. Rafe reminds Carrie that they’re both still married. Madison gives her engagement ring back to Brady, hoping her actions will protect him from Ian.

Friday – Abigail finally decides to confess to Austin, but her plans change when Austin mentions Carrie is with Rafe. Kate tells Billie that Sami is the mole and she intends to expose her. Sonny’s coffee house opening has an interesting twist.


Rafe and Nicole bond over their relationship woes. Everyone finds out about Austin and Abigail.