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GH Previews: Week of March 19


It’s a week filled with anger, grief and remembrance for the residents of Port Charles. Special guest star Rick Springfield returns as Noah Drake.


Anna goes ballistic during a conversation she has with Patrick. Noah returns to comfort Patrick during his time of need. How will Matt react when he sees his father? Luke offers support for Anna, and later comes a realization about his own mistakes. Noah finds himself on the receiving end of an angry lashing from Anna. Meanwhile Maxie’s meltdown continues as she begs Mac to throw her in jail, despite attempts from Matt and Spinelli to convince her otherwise. Mac, Matt, Spinelli and Alexis all try to make Maxie come to her senses.


Sam and Jason clash over her decision to hide Robin’s death from him. Will Jason understand why his wife did what she did? Jason and Liz run into each other and share an important moment about Jake. Later Jason and Sam discuss Robin and a puzzle from the past. Liz pays a visit to Luke, who does well in the face of a past tragedy.

Sam comes face to face with a familiar face; Sonny and Kate (or is it Connie) face off on Monday, March 19.

Michael is drawn closer to Starr on Tuesday, March 20?

Carly taunts Sonny on Wednesday, March 21.

Luke lets Lulu in on a secret on Thursday, March 22.

Dante has a warning for Sonny; Olivia issues one of her own to Johnny on Friday, March 23.


The Drake home receives an important delivery. Anna and Liz grow closer. Ewen meets Connie. Luke makes Tracy jealous. Dante shares his feelings with Lulu about an important matter. Elizabeth has a date.

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  1. I have to agree with you about Matt & Maxie I sorry but what spinelli did in the church it wasn’t for him to do. He stepped in and almost much more rudly that Matt would have tried to convince Maxie to stop saying all the things she is saying about how the accident that killed Robin happened. To be honested I don’t even get what spinelli was doing at the funeral…  I would have liked to have seen Dante there… and I also think that Robert with out any doubt should have been there as well.  But with Dante I think we will find out that Mac asked him to cover at the PCPD which will be an acceptable excuse… but  the excuse of others in town… mainly Sams’ I get she was worried about Jason, but she keeping the secret probably did more harm that good to her marriage.

  2. Maxie saying what she did in front of Emma was inappropriate,  Sonny talking about Stone in front of a grieving Patrick was inappropriate. 

    Spinelli should have left Maxie alone and let her grieve in her own way.  Spinelli just needs to get out of Maxie’s life.  He acts like he owns her.  Spinelli is always emotionally blackmailing Maxie in one way or another for his own advantage.  Now Maxie showed up to the funeral and ruined it.

    The unknown guy in the third row was the only one grieving for Robin. Epiphany,  Lainey and Kelly should have been there. The only really  good thing about the funeral was Matt walking up to Patrick and  helping him.  That was the best scene.  As a Patrick and Robin fan the whole funeral/death has been one great big let down.  Wednesday was the best day of the week.  JT was outstanding .

  3. It’s ridiculous that Maxie can’t get a tender moment alone with Matt!  I waited all week for Matt & Maxie to finally have a scene together only to get nothing!  This is freakin’ unrealistic!  Spinellli as usual hogs up every freakin’ scene with Maxie!  It’s ridiculous that Patrick and Matt’s first scene together was this Wednesday!  Matt and Maxie are Emma’s Godparents ,  they should have been at the funeral together with Emma! Robin’s funeral was a disgrace.

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