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GH Previews: Week of March 26


Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton

Jason and Sam contend with John McBain; Elizabeth and Ewen plan a date; Dante and Lulu have a new suspect in mind.



Jason provides Sonny with information about McBain’s weaknesses. Sam has another unsettling encounter with John. What is the past connection between Sonny and John? Sam makes a surprising discovery that could be the key to solving the Franco mystery. Carly is in for a shock when she encounters Jason.

Dante, Lulu and Ronnie begin to dig deeper into Delores’ personal life, including that of her husband. Will accepting Johnny’s offer come back to haunt Delores?

Sonny confronts Johnny, demanding to know why he was with Kate. Tensions rise when McBain, Carly and Sonny clash at Crimson. Ewen hypnotizes Connie out of Kate. Against Ewen’s wishes, Kate pretends to be Connie to uncover Johnny and Connie’s plan.


Patrick’s new reality is a single father hits hard when Emma asks him difficult questions. Anna and Elizabeth bond in their grief over losing their children. Alexis and Mac play referee between Matt and Spinelli and their opposing desires to help Maxie. Tracy is jealous of Anna. Liz and Ewen grow closer and make plans for a date.

Johnny as an important decision to make on Monday, March 26.

Patrick has an important job to do on Tuesday, March 26.

Sonny warns Michael to stay away from Starr on Wednesday, March 27.

Olivia’s efforts are in vain, as Johnny still has leverage over Steve on Thursday, March 28.

Kate remains determined to support Sonny during his trial on Friday, March 29.


Robin Mattson returns as Heather Webber. Sam is haunted by the past. Patrick returns to work. Lulu angers Dante. Anna helps John McBain. Alexis has plans for Maxie.

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  1.  Be happy????  They have had the least amount of angst of any couple on that show. They have been together (this time) since 09.  Frankly, they are like watching paint dry at this point.

  2. Well as a Matt/Maxie fan what’s insulting is Matt has been pushed aside again while Spinelli sucks up the airtime with Matt’s girlfriend. This is just like the Jackal PI moronic stuff.  Only Maxie is the crazy one this time and Spinelli is helping her.  Such a unimaginative self-indulgent nonevent plot that we’ve already seen once and it was a big failure. No doubt Elizabeth Korte is behind all of this in some way.  They just want to keep stringing and using us M&M fans while never delivering a payoff.  And money says the upcoming Matt/Spinelli scenes about Maxie will see Matt getting dialogue that makes him look bad and non-supportive of Maxie.  All to prop and pimp Spinelli. And if this is the case you can bet I won’t be supporting Ron Carlivati.  No wonder ratings keep falling,  doubt I’ll be watching much longer myself.

  3. So sick of Spinelli being involved in Maxie’s storyline. It’s so contrived! Same recycled, repetitive crap over and over again. This show keeps trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Spixie is such a fake, phoney critic/media made farce!  There is nothing natural or organic about them at all to say the least!  It was bad enough we had to watch the Spinelli PI crapola, now here we go again!  Carlivati offers nothing new, I should have known better to tune back in.  Same people getting all the storylines, same people winning, no change at all.  Matt is a brain  surgeon he’s a smart guy he can figure out who killed Lisa and what’s up the Maxie!  Matt should have gotten his brother Patrick to help him figure out the Lisa stuff.  This would have given Patrick something to do as well.  It’s more their story than Spinelli’s!  Spinelli can go stick his head in the sand somewhere!  So sick of this favoritism.  When TPTB care more about their pets then writing some actual real storylines that make sense you know it’s over!

  4. I don’t understand why RC is trying to screw with Jasam.. isn’t it time for them to be happy? I can’t even watch them anymore, fivhting like that. Thy should be happy! So yeah…thanks for beating up Jasam at the worst possible time!

  5. Jason and Sam need to be happy for once! Seriously everytime they get good news BAM something really bad happens. I don’t like how they’re writing the current JaSam situation.

    We need Kirsten back on GH!

    Looking forward to seeing some McBain/Morgan 

  6. RC sucks. I didn’t understand the change of tone in the Jasam’s scenes. Jason starts out still angry, and then the next minute he understands. It was rushed, needlessly so. I don’t know if it was the choice to do close ups, but it all felt very abrupt to me. Meanwhile, I really don’t like Sam wasn’t written to directly respond to Jason’s whining about it being “his life”. Jason needs to be made to understand that it stopped being “his life” the second he put a nut bolt on it and it’s even more so not “his life” now that as he said in his own words, he has a family. What he does affects his family and he needs to stop expecting to live like he’s an individual. Sam’s choice, whether Jason liked it or not, was about THEIR FAMILY. Jason needs to start thinking on those terms as well.

    I don’t like RC’s version of Anna at all — WTF?  Just say NO to Puka aka Anna and Luke!

    Stalker Spinelli needs to stop harrassing Maxie!  Die Spinelli Die !!  Doesn’t that loser have a job somewhere he can be!

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