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GH Previews: Week of April 2


Finola Hughes

Anna and John’s partnership sparks jealousy within Luke; Sam gets more than she expects when she encounters Heather Webber.



Anna Devane and John McBain discuss John’s storied past with Sonny Corinthos. Luke feels a pang of jealousy after meeting McBain, not pleased that he may have to “share” Anna with him. Later, with Anna’s help, John is able to get closer to Sonny.

Sam tracks down Heather Webber (returning guest star Robin Mattson) looking for answers. Heather has demands of her own and later plays on Steven’s guilt to get what she wants. Sam comes to a stunning realization and later returns home to an unlikely source of sympathetic understanding. Will Sam share with Jason what she’s learned?


Is Starr using Michael? Olivia reluctantly asks Sonny for help in handling Steve’s “Johnny problem.” Kate’s world continues to unravel when Connie makes another appearance. Connie lashes out at Jason when he presses her about the gun, while Sonny refuses to allow Alexis to implicate Kate.  Confused by his interaction with Kate, Jason tries to warn Sonny but it backfires. Spinelli asks Lulu for help to save Maxie. Spinelli has a plan to save the woman he and Matt love — find the person who really killed Lisa Niles. Carly and Johnny take their relationship public at the Metrocourt.

Patrick goes to see Maxie at the courthouse on Monday, April 2.

Kate demands Ewen hypnotize her again on Tuesday, April 3.

Dante’s suspicions about Delores’ husband grow stronger. What is Lulu’s solution on Wednesday, April 4?

Patrick cannot escape the past as he’s overwhelmed with memories of Robin when he returns to work on Thursday, April 5.

Connie gets reckless with Ewen during his date with Elizabeth on Friday, April 6.


Heather picks up where she left off. Sam makes an agonizing decision. Carly and Johnny bond with Josslyn. Spinelli and Matt work together. What does Dr. Lee promise Sam?

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  1. Maxi’s story would be okay if spinelli wasn’t involved.
    His saving her all the time is beyond lame. He’s already
    saved her three times this year! That’s bullcrap.  I prefer
    nuMaxi with Dr. Matt anyways and actually I preferred old Maxi
    with Dr. Matt too. Get rid of spinelli and it’s a good storyline.

  2. Ah there’s Finola, love having her back on GH as the great Anna Devane.
    Can’t wait to see her hook up with John McBain in taking down Sonny,  It’s 1988 all ove again Anna Devane  investigating the MOB!

  3. i’m sick of gh and their pets  getting all the stories and airtime too.  and ron bringing the vets back is more about pimping him as headwriter and his pet characters.  robert’s return was terrible and rick springfield’s noah didn’t even get a goodbye scene. i even heard his scenes with his sons patrick and matt were cut.  you stink ron! felicia is just probably returning to pimp somebody too. 

  4. I’m trying to be optimistic & hope for some avante garde storytelling here with the OLTL script & breakdown writers replacing the stale GH writers when their stuff hits the air hopefully it will be a bit fresher….There are some things I like but the same pets are being pimped that has tanked the show.    GH lost 1,000 more viewers & their demos are still low they need to do something different.

  5. Ron Carlivati is a snoozefest.  Sonny/Kate= snoozefest, put you to sleep junk.  Sonny/Johnny fued= snoozefest, forced and who cares.  Jason/Carly= snoozefest, same boring conversations,  Spinelli chasing Maxie again=pseudo snoozefest, who cares. John/Sonny= again made up forced nonsense. Robin being alive in a hospital is a huge disappointed and totally turns Robin’s death into one great big cartoon.  RIP=GH. 

  6. to the writers of GH why would Carly have daughter around Johnny, Morgan is in a boarding school to keep him away the MOD dangers and JZ is safe why? with AZ as a step-great grandfather  come on now .how do Carly think Michael going to react to her dating JZ will he call her on putting his Sister in danger or are the writers keep up these insane story lines we only have 4 soaps left get your acts together if you need help I think the viewers will help if you are willing to listen

  7. Argh! Can’t Spinelli just keep away from Maxie! GH really has nothing else they can do with Bradford Anderson!  I want to watch a Maxie and Matt storyline. Carlivati lied on Twitter, he said Matt and Maxie are getting a storyline now.  He’s a liar! All I see is Spinelli up Maxie’s behind! ARGH!!

    This redeeming Luke isn’t working for me.  He’s just more smug about killing Jake now.

    I don’t care about Michael and Starr at all to say the least.  ZZZzzzzzzzzz

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