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General Hospital Previews: Week of April 9


Kelly Sullivan

Is it Kate or Connie who takes the stand at Sonny’s trial? Heather Webber is up to no good…


With Kate unable to keep Connie under control, Ewen suggests she commit herself to an institution. Something is different between Sonny and Kate when they manage to steal a moment together. Connie enacts revenge on Kate by playing nasty tricks her. Kate’s mental fragility is a worry for Ewen as she prepares to take the stand during Sonny’s trial. Kate is uncomfortable when facing tough questions. Is she the reason Alexis makes an important motion to the judge?

Olivia’s none pleased when Heather moves in with Steven. Has absence made Heather’s love for Luke grow fonder? Later, Heather makes a surprise visit to Sam. Heather opens up to Steve about her past over dinner. How will Heather react when Luke and Anna show up? Meanwhile, Olivia appeals to Ewen for help with a “crazy relative.” Later, Heather gets the last laugh when Sam attempts to play hard ball.



Sam agonizes over whether or not to tell Jason what she learned from Heather. Spinelli and Matt work together to confront Ewen with their suspicions. Though Carly and Johnny’s relationship continues to grow stronger, and later they bond with Josslyn. Sonny attempts to start trouble for the young Zacchara and later witnesses Michael comforting Starr. The shoe is on the other foot when John pushes Sonny’s buttons, taunting him about their past. Alexis and the D.A. present their cases for and against Sonny. How will the testimony of Dante, Carly, Johnny, Tracy, Michael and Starr affect the case? Liz makes an agreement. Sam is evasive when John calls. Maxie is prepared to tell Matt the truth after he professes his love for her, but then Spinelli enters.

Tracy is miffed when no one remembers her birthday…until Luke arrives on Monday, April 9.

Heather picks up where she left off with Luke on Tuesday, April 10.

Spinelli is on the verge of a discovery on Wednesday, April 11.

Olivia implores Ewen for help with a “crazy relative” on Thursday, April 12.

Tracy comes clean to Luke about her marriage to Anthony, and the two discuss ways to free her on Friday, April 13.


Carly bluntly asks Johnny an important question. Jason has big news to digest. Michael works Starr. Epiphany is present for Patrick. Will Jason and Sam recover? Lulu has a hunch.

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  1. I’m really loving Jess’s Kate’s DID story.Remember when Jess Kate shot Vickie’s AZ’s tires? And the new story with Todd and Victor Jason and Franco being twins is shocking. Also looking forward to the reveal to all the characters that Gigi Robin is alive and her reunion with Rex and Shane Patrick and Emma. Oh and Natalie Jessica Sam finding out the paternity of her baby

  2. I’m still waiting for the Maxie/Matt SL that RC said they were getting on his Twitter Account! He’s so FOS it’s not funny. I wish GH would have been the one that got Lorraine Broderick. I’d give anything for GH to have a woman headwriter. *sigh*

  3. Not surprised Spinelli ruins Matt & Maxie’s special moment.  I’m a fool to think that this new headwriter would actually write for M&M!  After watching today’s scene,  it’s back to dissing M&M/Matt and rigging storyline for loser Spinelli to win.  RME!

  4. Sam will confess to Jason all that she knows, but Jason knows Heather and he won’t fall for it.  Jason will support Sam, their love will only get stronger.

  5. Knowing Heather’s past actions, Iget the feeling that this is a complete lie ! I do not believe her story one bit !! She is working with someone.

  6. Soooo Sam is going to tell Jason “HE IS NOT THE FATHER”?

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