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General Hospital Previews: Week of April 16


Kelly Monaco

Sam and Jason have a heart-to-heart; Olivia goes to Sonny for help.


After another encounter with Heather Webber, Sam finds herself in the company of John McBain when she opens up the paternity test results. Sam and Jason have a heart-to-heart leaving Jason with a lot to digest. Later they try to make amends.

Jason talks to Sonny about Kate. What does Connie have up her sleeve for Sonny’s birthday? Sonny questions Michael about Starr. Starr wants to know why McBain is so interested in Sonny. After an important moment at Sonny’s trial, Michael finds an angry Starr, packing and tries to convince her to stay in Port Charles. What does he offer her to get her to stay?


There is another attack on one of the Vaughn’s girls. Dante and Ronnie find evidence. Delores’ husband, Eddie, arrives in town. Lulu goes to Luke with her suspicions.  Carly threatens Sonny and questions Johnny. Sonny manages to make Johnny more vulnerable to Connie. What is Johnny doing talking to Starr? Why is Anna trying to convince McBain to change his plans where Sonny is concerned? Does Spinelli know who killed Lisa Niles?

Sam tries to confide in Alexis on Monday, April 16.

Will Jason find out about his past from Heather on Tuesday, April 17?

Maggie makes a BIG mistake where Heather is concerned on Wednesday, April 18!

Epiphany calls Patrick out on Thursday, April 19.

Carly has an “aha” moment about her life on Friday, April, 20.

Next Week…

Who is following Lulu? Elizabeth has something important to tell Jason. Heather is up to something after overhearing Olivia. Johnny has regrets. Why is Luke nervous?

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  1. I don’t like Ron Carlivati at all!

    His stories are all things I just saw on OLTL.He has limited focus on a handful of charactersHe’s trying to change GH characters into OLTL personalitiesHe has no clue about current GH -characters or historyPacing is so so but editing sucks and overuse of cheesy music and too many damn flashbacks.Finally nothing really soapy going on for me.

  2. I am with you, Carly’s just not what she used to be

  3. I miss seeing Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook having scenes together.  They always brighten my days with their fun, flirty banter and special way about them. Jirsten is just magical.  I’m still rooting of Maxie and Matt but the writing for them is appalling but I did like Friday’s scenes.   So that’s a step in the right direction. I hope things are going to change and I really hope Kirsten Storms comes back as Maxie.  No offense to Jen Lilley who has done well filling in.  At least give Matt a real storyline. Jason Cook deserves better. 

  4. am i the only one sick of Carly’s double stander how is Johnny less of a threat then Sonny come writers please be more creative not many mothers would trade one threat for another

  5. It would have been nice to see Matt’s declaration of love for Maxie without having to see Spinelli’s  face today!  I swear M&M scenes are always a setup benefit for that stooge in which the audience has to feel sorry for him. 

  6.  that’s cuz she is “Wonder Woman”!

  7. I’m laughing ‘cuz Kelly looks like Wonder Woman in that pic!!

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