Breaking Point Season 1 Review


It’s common for many web series to have a full first season. Only the lucky (or incredibly determined) ever see a second. Soapy drama ‘Breaking Point’ has just started its second season, and if the premiere is any indication many viewers will be buying new laptops because of how hot the show is.

Revolving around four women and their professional, romantic, and in a few cases parental drama, Breaking Point does with a relatively unknown cast what many web series with big names fail to do: it makes your draw drop. Whether it’s Imani calling the cops to report a rape that never happened or Gabby trying to decide how to tell her (unbeknownst to her, sterile) husband that she’s pregnant, things are constantly popping.

The show is as diverse in its storylines as it is its casting. Imani’s sister Crystal left her husband and came out of the closet, only to have her girlfriend cheat on her after Crystal had ended her marriage. Gabby’s husband Dennis is a ruthless music mogul who may or may not have mob ties, and she’s pregnant with another man’s baby. And rounding out the quartet is Dana, a cop on the beat who knows when to lend a comforting shoulder.

While the show had some audio problems in the first season (and to a much lesser extent in the second), the writing is much deeper than most web series as you know the characters right away. You’re also treated to some juicy and scandalous scenes like Imani sleeping with her ex-husband the day he gets out of jail, then reporting it as a rape to keep custody of her daughter.

There’s also a scene that’s funny and intriguing despite taking place entirely in a strip club. Let’s just say that it’s the most amusing male bonding you’ll see all week.

But the scene with the most heart is definitely when Crystal’s ex-husband is dropping off their daughter at Crystal restaurant when Crystal’s cheating ex-girlfriend, Tori, is there and the daughter, Asia, asks her mom if Tori is staying for dinner. It’s touching and plays the emotions of everyone in the room and the actress playing Asia is a bright young talent.

The first season is up on YouTube, but the second is exclusive to JTS.TV, which is a subscription-based web series portal. Fortunately, for the interested, there’s a free three day trial so you can see if it would be worth the four dollars a month (or forty a year) to be able to watch Breaking Point and the rest of the shows at the site.

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