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Revenge Recap: "Doubt"


April just became so much better now that Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson are back on my TV screen. The show’s return episode after yet another hiatus did not disappoint.

Tensions are running high at the Grayson Manor. The whole estate has turned into Daniel Grayson Murder Mystery Central and everyone is scrambling to prove the prodigal son’s innocence. Pressured byCharlottefor an identity of the man on the beach that night,Victorialeads her daughter and lawyer toward the idea that it was Jack. His motive? His love for Amanda Clarke, of course.

Naturally, this upset Emily, who instantly became the puppeteer to Jack’s innocence.Victoriapainted a picture of a man being seduced by a conniving temptress to which Conrad replied, “Wouldn’t be the first time.” Zing! Jack needs all the help he can get seeing as he’s still hung up on finding Amanda, despite Nolan’s advice that he forget about her. Eventually, and thanks to Emily’s urging, Nolan gave in and sent Jack on a goose chase toCanadajust to get him out of dodge from the Grayson’s.

Meanwhile, Emily convincedVictoriato bring Mason Treadwell back into their lives. They offered him exclusive access to Daniel’s case, a dot com for blogging, and a room in Grayson Manor. Through an anonymous IM, Emily let Mason know thatVictoriahad taken his tapes and told him where they were. So then Treadwell first went to Declan, who quickly admitted thatCharlottewas on pills and drinking the night of Tyler’s murder. He then took this information toCharlotteand later posted it on his blog much to the dismay ofVictoria.

Not only did Treadwell free Jack from suspicion, but he also freed himself from the Grayson’s clutches and led toVictoriafinally slapping her mouthy, bratty little rich girl daughter. Charlotte’s had a slap coming for a while. Usually she and Declan annoy the hell out of me – well, Declan always does – but there is serious potential for one drinking, pill addicted train wreck right here. I’m looking forward to that unfolding.

As for poor Daniel Grayson, we all know that a face that beautiful and a body that looks that good with a towel hanging on its hips should not be locked up behind bars. Can we take a moment to admire Josh Bowman for the all the beauty he brings to the world? He’s making the world a beautiful place one shirtless scene at a time.

On a serious note, everything about him broke my Daniel loving heart several times over last night. Writing Emily a letter and telling her he hoped she’d stay on his side? Aw. Touching Emily’s hand through glass during her visit? Aw. Seeing that his mother and fiancé have found common ground? Also, a major aw moment, while playing on that fabulously inappropriate chemistry he has with his mother. Getting beaten down in the shower? Aw. The sad yet deliciously bruised face that walked into the Grayson manor upon his release? I almost couldn’t take it.

How Dan Scott/Victor Newman ofVictoriato hire men to beat up her son and get him out of prison? While shocking, it made sense and you could see what Queen V was going for there. I doubt Daniel would see it that way. Judging from how quickly Emily realized what her almost mother-in-law was doing and took photos of her paying a man off, I’m guessing that Daniel is likely to find out. How will he feel when his mother has betrayed him again?

Not only didVictoriapay to have Daniel beaten up, but she also crossed paths with some sexy, unnamed artist from her past who called her Vicky. When he pushed her up against the wall and she quickly spun around so her back was against his chest, my jaw dropped. Why can’t this show have special episodes on HBO because that was hot! This story was a little random and out of the blue, but it was so damn hot and the guy brought tears to Queen V’s eyes so I’ll take it. While she was busy sexing it up with a man who loved her and she ditched to marry Conrad, Daniel was released on a ten million dollar bail. She rushed home in last night’s clothes, which didn’t go unnoticed by Conrad. Is he just worried about the case? Or is he jealous of her getting some? I like to think the latter, partly because I’m waiting for these two to have some serious hate sex.

With Jack no longer a suspect, Victoria is determined to find another one to save her son. In another inappropriately chemistry filled scene,Victoriasuggests Emily and is able to pull on the tiny bit of doubt Daniel may have. Remember, Daniel has completely forgotten whatTylertold him. Instead of being manipulated by his mother, Daniel told her that if she brought Emily into the mess, he’d confess the whole thing. PoorVictoria. The only thing that’s going her way is sexy time with her artist.

Meanwhile, Emily had busted out one of her wigs and gone back to the bar to find the man that Victoriapaid off. This guy was really, really dumb. All it took was a few drinks and he was revealing things about the Grayson to Emily as she recorded it. She coaxed him out of the bar and to his car, only to surprise him by beating his ass – quite honestly, there’s another way to put it. She beat his face in, through him against a fence, and kicked him until he was unconscious for both Jack and Daniel (and both side of the shippers let out a collective that’s so amazing sigh!). Lesson learned: Never cross Emily Thorne’s men. We heard you, Em, loud and clear. 

Amber Cunigan
Amber Cunigan is a sarcastic mid-twenties undergrad, extreme book hoarder, Netflix addict, and reality TV aficionado. She enjoys excessive amounts of chocolate and caffeine, tweeting, and all things Ezra Fitz and Ryan Gosling. When it comes to TV, she expects to be thoroughly entertained and when not, she will slam and mock you, but still tune in next week. She's a glutton for punishment. Basically, she's awesome.

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