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General Hospital Previews: Week of May 7


Florencia Lozano

McBain and Dante work together to save Sam and Lulu; Todd Manning and Tea Delgado arrive in Port Charles.



Jason gets an eyeful and helps remand Kate. Still frustrated by his presence in Sam’s life, Jason confronts McBain after a shocking discovery. Speaking of Sam… After being rescued by McBain and Dante…she gets a little catty with Liz, who is still worried about Ewen and his recovery. Just how serious is his condition?

Moments after Michael urges her not to kill Sonny, Starr is taken aback and she and Michael end up feeling betrayed by each other. Todd and Tea arrive to help Starr and immediately are at each other’s throats. Whose confession about what does Todd overhear?

Sonny finds Kate in police custody and is later unmoved by her explanation for her recent behavior. While Sonny may not believe Kate, her cousin Olivia, on the other hand, is still on the fence. Olivia also receives news about Steve and comforts him while his mom, Heather, is up to no good.


What does Anthony confide in Johnny about? Luke and Anna grow closer. Why is Felicia visiting Mac? Carly receives flowers and an extended visitor at the Metrocourt. Starr disappoints Tea. Who does Johnny try to blackmail?

Sam and Lulu are rescued on Monday, May 7.

What plans do Dante and Lulu make on Tuesday, May 8?

Tea Delgado arrives in Port Charles on Wednesday, May 9.

Starr mediates on Thursday, May 10.

Who does Luke give counsel to on Friday, May 11?

Next week…

Tea and Carly face off. Patrick and Matt bond. Anthony and Johnny fight. Why are Shawn and Alexis shocked? How does Kate try to win over Olivia?

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  1. The WOMAN, Tea D arrives May 9, Hip Hip Hooray, Tea to save the day:). 

  2. Love it! Looking forward to next week!!

  3. The Lisa murder story is lame.  I could have wrote it better myself.  They should have had Spinelli kill Lisa because he arrived in that boat and saw that Matt was drunk/passed out and decided he’d  kill Lisa and frame Matt for it so he could have Maxie to himself. He’s a mobbie that’s what they do. They still could have had Maxie claim she did it and that would have been something Spinelli didn’t figure on. This would have been a whole lot better of a storyline than this lame BS.  And it would have been a surprising twist.  We can’t ever get anything good on this show because the writers are such wimps…

  4. Can’t wait to hear those plans that Dante and Lulu make!  I’m praying on practicing for baby!

  5. GH is getting so good…. 

  6. The show is a campy OTT mess.  Everything RC did on OLTL he’s redoing on GH.  RC is as predictable as having to pee after drinking a 100 oz. movie theater soda,  so, so dumb.

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