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Revenge Season Finale Recap: "Reckoning"


In true Revenge form, the first season finale was filled with twists and turns that moved viewers to the edge of their seats and left them hanging until next fall.

So much happened Wednesday night and the Hamptons will never be the same. Everything that had been brewing this entire season: Victoria’s hatred for Conrad, Charlotte’s addiction, Stripper Amanda, the love triangle, and revenge against the Grayson’s peeked in the season’s final hour. No resolutions were met for any of the characters. In fact, their dramas grew and if anything, the finale was a giant setup for fall storylines. Let’s run through what left us hanging until season two.

The White Haired Man is a crazy of his own kind.

Emily seized the opportunity to steal the evidence from Daniel’s briefcase, blaming it on a home invader that she described as the white haired man. With Daniel fretting over the missing evidence she was free to get help from Nolan and quickly discovered he had been kidnapped. She wasted no time in turning herself over to the man, who forced her to chloroform herself. When she woke up, she was handcuffed to a wall next to Nolan and explained to her new evil counterpart that she had a timed email that would be sent to authorities and has one hour to get to a locker at the nearest port authority. With the key, he raced off to obtain the evidence while she stealthily pulled a lock pick from her handcuffs and freed her and Nolan. She tells Nolan to turn the evidence over and he leaves at her urging and tells her to kick the man’s ass. (This is where I ignore that she told Nolan to tell Jack she loved him if she didn’t make it out alive. Gross!)

The important thing is that she did kick the man’s ass, but he held his own against her. They threw each other around and Emily ultimately won when she straddled his chest and held an ax against his neck. What stopped her from killing him? A memory of her father telling her that he loves how much she loves and to never let that go, her father’s love wins out over her insanity. Guys, Emily really does have feelings – I think.

And who has a room that he just chains people up in? And torture devices? And a shiny metal ax? This guy is creepy and maybe even smarter than Emily. He knew what Nolan was up to and he knew exactly where Emily’s camera was in Conrad’s office.

Emily gave Daniel the ring back.

After learning from Ashley (insert every bad name imaginable here) that Emily kissed Jack, Daniel was waiting for her at home. When he confronted her, she handed over the ring because she was no longer the girl he fell in love with and he’s changing too by becoming everything he said he wouldn’t – a Grayson. And I died on the inside.

I further died when Victoria stopped by to talk to Emily about the breakup and had her open her engagement present. It was an empty box because she knew that Emily and Daniel would never make it. Major burn!

Later, Daniel decided to go back to the ol’ Daniel Grayson way and drown his sorrows only to have Ashley join him. The scene reeked of desperation. Daniel desperate to deal with his pain and get rich right boy wasted. Ashley desperate to social climb, even if it meant into Daniel’s bed. Whether or not they actually slept together won’t be answered until the fall. I’m hoping not because if so I may have to go to the Hamptons and kick Ashley’s ass. Or maybe Emily will do it for me.

The mother and son lovefest is over.

All season we’ve seen Daniel and Victoria argue with one another only to fall back on their undying love (and inappropriate chemistry). Victoria’s new SCC pal informed her that Conrad had David murdered and she was an eerie combination of heartbroken and vengeful. It was enough for her to no longer stand by Daniel and she basically told him that he could just sit the hell down because she wouldn’t let him get in her way anymore because Conrad had David murdered. Team Queen V for life over here.

Amanda is back.

Emily survived the white haired man, popped some bubbly with Nolan to celebrate, and ultimately decided she would tell Jack everything. Nolan encouraged this, probably since the closest he’ll ever get to being with Jack is through Emily.

At the bar, Emily is all smiles and prepared to open her heart to him. She gives him Sammy’s collar, but he reminds her that it belongs to Amanda, who suddenly steps out of the shadows with a big ol’ belly. Stripper Amanda is majorly pregnant. First, I hope Jack gets a DNA test. Second, I need to know why Emily’s Japanese friend let Amanda go. Is this a ploy on his part to keep her and Jack apart and focused on getting revenge? Or did she escape? Or did he let her go because she’s really pregnant? And how could Jack forget about that kiss that just happened? I’ll never be on his team. Emily is quite sad about all of this and cries, which is both upsetting and refreshing. It’s nice to see her show some emotion.

A plane with Queen Victoria & Co. crashed and burned.

With Victoria’s urging,Lydiaagreed to join her in telling the SCC everything that went on at Grayson Global. It’s the only way she can avoid charges.Lydialied to Conrad and said she had to go see her father. Judging from the emotional way Conrad kissed her goodbye and said he understood why she was leaving him, he had a good idea of what was going on.

Perhaps, he knew even more than anyone thought. AfterLydialeft, he went straight toVictoriaand begged her not to get on the plane. He said that killing David was decided by people above him and if she got on the plane, it would be the end of everything.

By the end, did he mean the plane crash that happened? Taking downLydiaandVictoriawith it? And was the white haired man also on board? Remember, he told Conrad he was headed to the airport as well. Something tells me not everything is it seems here. Was the crash planned? Are they entering witness protection? Did they actually takeoff at all? And more importantly, just who ordered the murder on David Clarke? These are two of the biggest questions that will have to wait for the fall to be answered. 

Charlotte drowned herself in a bottle of pills after Declan turned her away.

Charlotteproved that she is more likeVictoriathan we may have thought when she intervened on Declan and his Econ partner’s growing friendship, revealing that the girl had an affair with her history teacher at her old school. It was a total Blair Waldorf move of her which makes it hard for me to decide if it was A) immature B) completely stupid or C) worth it for the drama it’ll create. Considering I don’t care about her and Declan’s relationship at all, I’m going to pick D) irrelevant to me. I swear the nickname for this couple should be NoOneCares. Her father found her after she took a bunch of pills, so it’s safe to say she majorly overdosed on whatever it is rich kids pop these days.

Emily’s mother is alive.

After getting her heart shattered to pieces by the return of Jack’s pregnant faux Amanda Clarke, she had to deal with the devastation that all the evidence against Conrad burned up in that plane crash.

Except Nolan is too smart to let anything get in their way. He had everything backed up and found a video ofVictoriasaying there is more to David Clarke’s wife – she’s alive! If Emily is a Grade A psychopath, I can’t wait to see what her mama is like.

Whew. What an hour of television. What a season. And I’ll see you here next fall! 

Amber Cunigan
Amber Cunigan is a sarcastic mid-twenties undergrad, extreme book hoarder, Netflix addict, and reality TV aficionado. She enjoys excessive amounts of chocolate and caffeine, tweeting, and all things Ezra Fitz and Ryan Gosling. When it comes to TV, she expects to be thoroughly entertained and when not, she will slam and mock you, but still tune in next week. She's a glutton for punishment. Basically, she's awesome.

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