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General Hospital Previews: Week of May 28


Kelly Monaco

Kristina returns home with a new project and Sam and Tea both go into labor.


Jason turns to Elizabeth for help in his time of need and unleashes his pent up anger on the man who he thinks set him up. Sam is surprised to learn that Jason went to Elizabeth for help. Sonny and Jason send John a message. Sam and Tea both need medical attention and get support from unlikely sources. As Sam goes into labor, Jason realizes he wants her and the baby back, but he’s made a choice that could change everything.


Dante and Delores obtain a search warrant for Johnny’s. Luke and Tracy search for Anthony’s dead body and end up in trouble. Lulu is shocked about Luke and demands answers. Johnny tries to frame Tracy and Luke as Luke makes a confession to Lulu.


Maxie throws a huge wrench into the prosecution’s case against Matt. Everyone is stunned by Maxie’s actions and Spinelli is left brokenhearted.

There will be an encore presentation of the episode where Sam told Jason that Franco was his brother, which originally aired on April 18, on Monday, May 28.

Anna turns down an offer on Tuesday, May 29.

Sonny and Alexis are horrified by Kristina’s new family project on Wednesday, May 30.

Heather enjoys a strange new companion on Thursday, May 31.

McBain is in trouble on Friday, June 1.


Jason asks for forgiveness. Todd struggles with the truth. Sparks fly between Mac and Felicia. Olivia gets help from Spinelli. Sam has a realization.

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  1. Love Jason and Sam but I wish they would talk and learn to listen to each other. What Franco did to them is horrible whether the rape actually was performed or not. The emotional damage has been done.   But I am hoping they pull through this.  Also love Sonny and Kate/Connie, Tracy and Luke.  Hoping for Ana and John as a couple.

  2. I forgot to mention that I think Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton are amazing actors.  It doesn’t matter whether they are arguing with each other, fighting some evil-doer, making love or just in conversation with each other…that chemistry is undeniable.  They are absolutely believable, making them truly amazing.  Thanks to them for always giving us, the fans, their very best.

  3. I hope Jason does really realize that he could lose Sam and the baby.  He needs to beg for forgiveness that’s for sure. Sam has always been there for Jason and done things for him, so it’s about time he stands up for her. In the church, in front of friends, family and God, he promised to stand by Sam no matter what – he seems to have conveniently forgotten that.  However you get there, just hurry up and reunite my favorite couple.

  4. Love love love the Sam & Jason stuff. I can’t wait for Jason to beg her forgiveness.

  5. this isn’t GH anymore. this is the sonny and sam show. they killed off aj, georgie, alan, emily for this? 

  6. I’m so sick of this Sam show. I watch everyday to support the show and end up hating all the Sam stuff. Please guys let her leave.

  7. Jason needs to be made to crawl across broken glass to get Sam back at this point.  I mean com’on, she’s carrying the constant reminder of the rape in her belly.  She loves and cares for this child because it IS a part of her as well.  That is what Jason should love.  Instead he keeps running to Liz for support and chastises Sam for adopting a new friend to help her deal with the situation.  That just isn’t fair.  I think Sam deals with alot of Jason’s baggage with little complaints so it is about time Jason deals with some of Sam’s LIFE as well.  

  8. Well, we can guess that Heather’s new companion is Anthony’s corpse – Think Weekend at Bernie’s right?  

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