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Young and the Restless Previews: Week of May 28

Michelle Stafford

A blast from Phyllis’ past will be her undoing if Ricky has his way.


  • Sparks fly when Danny and Christine are reunited
  • Paul and Phyllis witness the aftermath of Danny and Christine’s tryst
  • Daisy is an unwelcome guest at the Abbott pool party
  • Michael’s intriguing job offer upsets Lauren
  • Ricky forces Daisy to be his accomplice in the downfall of Phyllis.
  • Ricky and Daisy search for secrets in Phyllis’ apartment, unaware that Daniel is on his way
  • Lauren and Avery clash over Michael’s job offer
  • Ricky uncovers a dangerous adversary from Phyllis’ past, Dr. Tim Reid
  • Sharon spills shocking news to Victoria
  • Dr. Reid puts Phyllis on blast for Ricky’s “story”
  • Danny and Christine share an emotional good-bye


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