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General Hospital Previews: Week of June 4


Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton

What happened to Sam’s baby? What “truth” is Todd keeping from Tea? Tracy and Luke are booked; Sparks fly between Felicia and Mac.


Jason heads to Sam’s motel room with a heartfelt request, but instead runs into an injured McBain. Together, they set out in search of Sam. They somehow manage to find her and the baby and despite her insistence, both men assume Sam is confused. Consumed by his guilt, Jason stands vigil at Sam’s bedside and later has to deal with an angry Alexis. Sam awakens to a horrible reality and later comes face-to-face with Tea.

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Speaking of Tea… Todd receives assistance from an unlikely source in tending to Tea’s baby. He rushes her to the hospital while struggling with the truth. Todd later has a nightmare in which Tea learns said truth. Someone comes to talk to Todd and he makes a getaway with Tea.


Carly and Johnny reunite on the one condition that he promises complete honesty. Starr surprises Kate by forgiving her. Maxie and Matt spend their first night together as a married couple. Anna takes the commissioner position. Spooked by Heather, Olivia enlists the help of Spinelli.

Sam falls unconscious on Monday, June 4.

Ewen comes around on Tuesday, June 5.

Spinelli goes on a bender on Wednesday, June 6.

Matt is missing on Thursday, June 7.

Anna and Luke share a moment on Friday, June 8.


Kristina tries to shut down production. Jason runs into Liz. Lulu makes a deal with Johnny. McBain confronts Sonny.

Chrissie Ortiz
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  1. I agree with you one hundred percent! You can’t let the ones who disagree with us get you all worked up and mad. They just are not worth it. Do what I do, ignore them and thier comments! :)

  2. You said it right !! I totally agree.

  3. I wish I was high because that’s the only way one could enjoy this campy crap!  And don’t tell me when the show is unwatchable to me, I’ll determine that thank you.  And Frank and Ron hasn’t done anything for GH so just quit with the nonsense.  The viewership is the same as when they started. You RC handholders are all the same.

  4. Daisy, you’re either high or clueless. GH has been unwatchable for a decade. Everyone sees this except you. The ratings have been declining for years, while OLTLs rose for a year before cancellation. Wake up. Frank and Ron have kept long-term legacy characters with large fan followings and they have jettisoned the rest. I have no love for any of them except Tracy and Alexis, so frankly I don’t care what happens to Jason or Sam or Luz or any ithese other idiots and skanks.

  5. Ok GH fans….please stop the bickering.  I agree the new head writer isn’t giving GH fans what they want, but it’s still our soap, so please support it.  I also dislike the current storyline for Jason & Sam and baby Morgan and how they are forcing McBain down our throats, BUT I feel an allegiance to GH and it’s actors.  Steve, Kelly, Maurice, Laura, Anthony, Jane, Leslie and many others have worked very hard for the fans for years.  We as fans need to back them, no matter how bad the writing currently is. Let’s stay positive and hope that Ron and Frank learn who our GH family members really are.

  6. “What Ron is doing is getting rid of all the useless, boring, unfocused and purposeless characters drowning GH”     Oh really?  So when is Jason and Sam and Sonny and Carly LEAVING???  Because they’ve been Front and Center for the last TWO years of record setting LOW ratings!

  7. What do you mean HAD the lowest ratings?  GH is at a ratings low Right Now!  And it’s a matter of writing for characters,  ANY characters!  Without that NO character flourishes.  GH is unwatchable NOW!

  8. Actually, what Ron is doing is gettIng rid of all the useless, boring, unfocused and purposeless characters drowning GH, hiving good actors things to DO, using veteran actors to woo back the tens of thousands who stopped watching once GH became unwatchable, and weaving OLTL actors carefully into Port Charles fabric. Stop whining, support the genre, and stopnacting lIkevGH was some great show. It was terrible, which is why it had the lowest ratings. It was kept because it is a name brand and shot in LA. Honestly, listening to you bitch and moan is ridiculous. Grow up, already.

  9. No the real reason is Ron Carlivati was too busy trying to get the OLTL actors over on GH to put any effort into the  hospital staff  aka  Patrick, Robin, Matt, Steve and Liz.  All these characters have suffered under ReRon’s pen.  And what ReRon has done to Matt is just disgusting!!

  10. And we freaking LOVE him anyway!

  11. The reason Jason Cook aka Matt Hunter is leaving General Hospital because he has a new job.

  12. Johnny killed a toddler and her father

    johnny raped a mentally unstable woman

    Johnny killed his father in cold blood

    Johnny framed 2 innocent people for said murder

  13. I’m sad that Jason Cook is leaving. I’ve watched GH for four years to get this type of ending for Matt.  I’ll never let a soap suck me in again.  It would have been great to see Matt and Maxie as a couple.

  14. Oh gee. Jason runs into Liz. What a dumb spoiler. Sounds like a tease. I hate Liz so much!

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