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General Hospital Previews: Week of June 11


It’s a week of romantic entanglements, dissociative disorders, and grief in Port Charles.

Anna & Luke Sitting in a Tree…

Tracy kisses Luke, declaring her feelings for him and later takes some guff from Edward over Luke and Anthony, confiding to Alice just how much she loves Luke. Meanwhile, Luke and Anna end up kissing! Confused, they seek advice for what seems like a budding romance between them. Will they remain friends? Or become something more?

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Connie’s Past is Revealed

Ewen visits Kate at Shadybrook, and she makes a stunning realization. Later he triggers Kate to Connie at age 17, revealing the incident that caused her to have DID. When Kate re-emerges with the memories fresh in her mind, she’s filled with guilt.

Lulu Reconnects with Johnny

Lulu makes an interesting deal with Johnny, whose struggling with his guilty conscience when it comes to his father. Dante reacts badly when he hears Lulu is partnering with her ex, a mobster. He later confronts Johnny on his new business partnership with his wife.

Jason & Sam – & Liz!

Jason apologizes to Sam regarding the baby, but Sam blames Jason. Later Jason goes looking for Sam, but only finds Liz and deals with his pain and grief over a game of pool with her. Meanwhile Sam returns to the motel, encountering McBain.

Looking Ahead

Anna plans a romantic evening. Mac and Felicia have a close moment. Jason gets support from Liz. Sam and Spinelli have questions.

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  1. Elizabeth and Jason

  2.  No, don’t believe Jason will ever cheat on Sam again.  RC doesn’t really know JaSam or he would realize that playing pool will only remind Jason of Sam (all the fans know that)!  Let Liz get her own “new” man, no re-runs please.  I really wish Ewen were sticking around, I saw some chemistry between him & Liz and she might not be able to manipulate him as easily as she does Jason, Lucky, Nick, and the list goes on.

  3. Why in the hell is Liz still hanging around with Liz???If he have any attachements to Liz than it clear that he don’t want Sam. Look at Liz, than look at Sam, they are worlds apart in evrything and especially looks.

  4. Nothing is gonna happen between Jason & Liz or Sam & mcbain.. for one that don’t even look right but then again its a soap but I stick to my guns not worried.. jasam will be ok their to cute.. plus Liz is not like that (yes I am a Liz fan, but not a liason fan) I love Liz she really is just trying to be there for him as a friend besides I saw her eyeing ewen meow lol.. I hope the rumors of her and Patrick aren’t true if ewen is leaving and y’all need a love interest here’s a clue LUCKY.. lnl2 please been waiting for freaking ever if anybody need happiness HELLO they do.. oh well looking forward to the drama that is GH!!

  5. Hopefully playing pool won’t lead to sex with Liz!!!!That’s how he met Carly!!!!!!Years ago they would play pool and go upstairs and have wild sex!!!! But I really don’t think Jason would do that to Sam. Liz I don’t trust but Jason I do!!!He feels such guilt now because of the baby.  I don’t think anything romantic will happen between Sam and John either right now. They are friends, thats all!!!!!  Sam is grieving.

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