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ABC Touts "Sexy Summer Romance" In 'General Hospital's' Newest Promo


Its surprises, secrets and sexy summer romance in the newest General Hospital promo!

For months now fans have wondered just exactly what happened between Sonny and John in Atlantic City. John blames Sonny for the death of his sister Theresa, but we haven’t heard Sonny’s version until now! What will happen with these two forces go toe-to-toe?

Meanwhile Sam insists that her son is still alive. With a heavy burden being carried by Todd, who will be the one to uncover the truth? Will Todd do the right thing or will Jason (or John) uncover the truth about Jason Jr.?

This week Dante and Lulu are at odds over Lulu’s partnership with Johnny. When couples fight, what’s the best way to make up? Oh yeah, Dante and Lulu are hitting the sheets this week for some hot makeup sex.

While Sam and Jason continue to deal with the conflict in their marriage, both can’t help but find comfort in the company of others — Jason with Elizabeth and Sam with John.

Does Tracy has some competition for Luke? It looks like Luke and new commissioner Anna Devane may find themselves as more than “just friends” no matter how much they declare it so.

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  1. I don’t like baby switch story not interest in it.

  2. I hate the current storyline – baby switch, Jason turning to Liz & Sam turning to John (yeah, right!). Give Sam back her baby, leave Jason & Sam alone – they’ve been through more than any other couple on GH – they deserve some happiness. Leave Dante & Lulu alone! Put Tracy & Luke back together. I also want Spinelli to have a true love interest – this Maxie (while Jen is doing a good job, there’s just not chemistry). I don’t like that you have destroyed every couple on GH. Give Liz a new love (not reruns that don’t work).

  3. The show is so horrible now. I don’t care about anyone except Anna, Patrick, Mac and John McBain. Patrick and Mac are never on.  The scenes with Anna and Luke are boring (and I will never accept them as a couple) and I hate how they’re writing John….he belongs with Natalie and Liam not being forced into stories with Sam and the mob!  This does NOT make me want to watch GH.  The writing is as bad as ever.   I also miss Robin and Scrubs!  I would love it if clues about Robin being alive resurfaced and Anna, Mac and John McBain teamed up to find her- along with Robert and Patrick. Now THAT would be good TV. 

  4. Disgusting

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