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General Hospital Previews: Week of July 23


Jason Thompson

It’s a week of daring rescues, harsh realities and revenge on General Hospital!

Jason Thompson


Lulu confronts Patrick about his continued drug use. Patrick confesses that he’s afraid to give up the pills because he’ll have to deal with the reality that Robin is gone. Despite Lulu’s attempts to convince Patrick to get detoxed, he continues to abuse pills and hallucinates. Meanwhile, Mac returns Emma home because she misses her father and tells Maxie she can’t spend her life taking care of Patrick. Later, Lulu delivers Patrick to the hospital to get detoxed and enlists Ewen’s help.  He admits to Elizabeth that he’s checking himself in so he can get in check with reality.


Luke might expire in the fire he accidentally started when Anna arrives to the rescue. Their reunion is cut short by Heather. Luke puts his life in further jeopardy to save Anna. After, Anna pays Heather a visit and Heather completely disarms Anna with a shocking revelation. Later, Anna tells recuperating Luke about Heather’s shocking claim.

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Carly and Spinelli try to get Jason and Sam to work things out with each other.  While Jason doesn’t think Sam will forgive him, Sam stays of the mind that Jason pushed her away – and has a plan of her own.


Connie pays Johnny a visit and admits she’s keeping Kate from being fully integrated. Lulu and Dante bond over their fears for their parents. Todd takes revenge on John McBain and sends the photo of John and Sam kissing to Natalie, the mother of his child. Johnny loses it and partially trashes the office and in doing so, makes a discovery. Patrick convinces Elizabeth to give Ewen another chance.  

Someone is shot on Monday July 23.

Dante and Steve fret over the drugged Olivia on Tuesday July 24

Sonny and Kate meet with Michael and Starr, who tell them they’re now dating on Wednesday July 25

Ewen makes an effort to rekindle a dating relationship with Elizabeth on Thursday July 26.

Todd and Johnny face off on Friday July 27.


Sam tries to break into Todd’s safe. Jason offers to help Sam. Lulu and Dante have a difficult conversation about their marriage. Is Elizabeth in danger? John McBain makes a horrifying discovery. Alexis and Sonny have a plan to save Jason and Sam’s marriage.

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  1. Kelly Monaco is so talented, she should be front and center more often. She can deal with any storyline, no matter how awful, and make it look effortless. She has chemistry with everyone on GH.

  2. Sure hope you’re right. I can’t stand all this angst. We want our JaSam family reunion – NOW!

  3. Why does Carly and Spin want to pimp Sam to Jason? Sam should be a “B” character at best.

  4. yeah i agree. JaSam 4-Ever!!!

  5. I hope Alexis and Sonny’s plan works. I want to see Sam and Jason start to rebuild their marriage.

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