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General Hospital Previews: Week of July 30


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The more to the story than meets the eye this week on General Hospital! Johnny drops a bombshell about Todd; Liz catches Ewen receiving a mysterious call; Will Sam tell Jason about her investigation?

Will Johnny let Todd’s secret out?

Before Todd can tell Carly or anyone the truth about Johnny, Johnny shocks him with his own knowledge that Todd switched Sam and Tea’s babies. Todd informs Johnny he may want to rat him out anyway. Todd and Johnny are caught by Carly. Will she find out the truth about their crimes? Todd takes action to conceal his secret. And later, John McBain bursts in with a vengeance aimed at Todd. 

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Will Sam accept Jason’s help?

Sam is foiled in her attempt to sneak a peek at the contents of Todd’s safe. Unable to help Kristina with her issues, Sam will have to face her own when Jason shows up to see her. Sam tells Jason the truth about her investigation of Todd and he offers to help. Will she accept? Meanwhile, Sonny and Alexis council Jason and Sam about the next step in regards to their marriage.

Is Ewen safe for Elizabeth to date?

While Ewen alludes to a tragic past when counseling Patrick, Elizabeth informs Steven of her decision to date Ewen. Later, she catches Ewen receiving a mysterious phone call. This doesn’t deter their budding relationship and Ewen romances her while she remains unaware of his secret. Elizabeth tells Jason about her renewed interest in Ewen. What will he have to say about it?

Joe Jr. intends to get back what’s rightfully his and enlists Trey’s help on Monday July 30.

Alexis challenges Shawn to strip pool on Tuesday July 31.

Sonny questions Joe Jr. about the fate of Kate’s baby on Wednesday August 1.

Dante and Lulu discuss the reality of marriage on Thursday August 2.

Maxie and Lulu share their concern for Patrick on Friday August 3.

Coming Up: Week of August 6

Jason is not willing to stand by and let Elizabeth get hurt. Carly becomes witness to the destructive side of Todd Manning. Sam confides in Kristina about what she feels for John McBain. A deceptive plan is revealed. Women in Port Charles find themselves in danger. 

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  1. Gh is hot I live gh all my life gh the best soup ever for me a gh fan fir many years now and for ever why not gh for me thank u gh fir all your good storys over the years .

  2. yes i think he is holding robin.

  3. So could Ewen be the one holding Robin at Ferncliff?

  4. Hope Sam let Jason help her fine the baby.. I can not wait for Sam and Jason find out the baby is Jason:~)

  5. Cannot hardly wait to see what happens.


  7. The rest of the show is great.

  8. Joe Jr. is so boring. Maybe it would work if they had a more recognizable actor.
    The current actor has been out of circulation for too long.

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