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TCA 2012: HBO News Roundup


On Wednesday, HBO co-president, Richard Plepler, and programming president, Michael Lombardo, took the stage at the TCA summer press tour to update reporters about the status of several of the network’s most popular shows as well as some hints to what’s coming in the future. Here are the highlights:


Girls and Enlightened will begin their sophomore seasons in early January 2013. The comedies will air together on Sunday nights and each show will have a 10-episode season.

Don’t Divorce Me! Kids Rules for Parents and Divorce, a documentary from producer Rosie O’Donnell, will premiere on September 20. According to the press release, “this insightful film gives kids a chance to share poignant stories of how divorce has impacted their lives – and offer helpful advice to their parents.” 

The Latino List: Volume 2 will debut on September 24. In a press release, HBO said, “The film focuses on a remarkable group of Latino notables as they share candid personal stories in intimate interviews with NPR correspondent Maria Hinojosa, offering a unique glimpse into the vibrant and burgeoning culture of Hispanic America.”

Ethel, the documentary from Rory Kennedy, will give audiences a chance to learn more about the life of her mother, Ethel Kennedy, and includes a candid interview with Mrs. Kennedy, the first in 20 years. The documentary premieres October 18.


While Lombardo insisted there are no plans for a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie at this time, the network is working on a television movie starring Larry David. Greg Mottola will direct the project, but other details are being kept quiet at this time.

An Entourage movie is still very much in the planning stages, according to Lombardo. The show’s executive producer, Doug Ellin, is “on page 65” of the script. However, HBO has not made any decisions about whether they will continue to move forward with the project and there are no deals in place with the cast.


Lombardo named Games of Thrones first when asked which shows he was particularly proud of. Plepler told reporters that as long as author George R.R. Martin keeps writing, the network will keep producing the show. Lombardo confirmed that book 3 will be split into two seasons, although, he could not say where the book would be split, admitting that he had not read it.

True Blood will go on without creator Alan Bell after the Season 5 finale. Lombardo said the show was doing well and said it would have a home as long as it continued to perform well with consumers and the show’s storytellers.

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