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General Hospital Previews: Week of August 6


Rebecca Herbst

John finds himself on the other side of a jail cell thanks to Todd. Luckily for McBain, Sam is there with Alexis as backup. Elizabeth’s growing relationship with Ewen is a cause of concern for Jason.

Rebecca Herbst

John finds himself on the other side of a jail cell thanks to Todd. Luckily for McBain, Sam is there with Alexis as backup. Elizabeth’s growing relationship with Ewen is a cause of concern for Jason.

John McBain Gets Arrested… And Sam Helps

John attacks Todd in Sam’s presence. Todd explains his actions were payback for being the cause of Blair’s rejection. Sam gets McBain away, but Todd calls the police, and he’s arrested by Dante. Later, Sam enlists her mother’s legal aid for McBain while Todd continues reeling and Carly tries to keep him from ruining things even further. While Alexis works on getting John released, they a frank discussion about his relationship with Sam, who is having a heart-to-heart about her feelings for John with Kristina. Starr tries to convince her father to drop the charges. Will he?

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Elizabeth Dates Ewen… And Jason’s Worried

Elizabeth admits to Jason that she kept her distance from Ewen at first because he was mysterious, as if holding back something, but now that’s over. Later, Jason makes it clear to Ewen that he better be good enough for Elizabeth. Patrick tells Elizabeth he’s happy about her and Ewen, who discharges Patrick. Liz senses something is wrong.

Around Town

Aiden almost chokes on a piece of food. Johnny is keen to figure out what secret Starr is keeping for Trey, intuiting that it relates somehow to Kristina. Olivia has a rude awakening when Dante arrives to visit her with Lulu. Joe Jr. wants Trey to step up his efforts to marry Kristina. Sonny prepares to pop the question to Kate.

Starr senses Trey is distracted and asks him what’s going on Monday August 6. 

Olivia wakes up on Tuesday August 7.

Trey and Sonny spar – figuratively and literally – at the gym on Wednesday August 8.

Jason accidentally punches Spinelli in the jaw on Thursday August 9.

At Maxie’s urging, Lulu takes a pregnancy test on Friday August 10.

Coming Up: Week of August 13

Alexis is in danger. Carly fears for Josslyn. John McBain and Jason are forced to work together. Are lives in danger in Port Charles? Jason becomes suspicious of Ewen.

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  1. Joying Elizabeth and Jason together both them was great.

  2. McBam…

  3. Would love to see Jason and Liz together plus Sam with John. Agree Sam is a wonderfully stronger female character on GH. Really hoping Liz can get back to her artist, creative spirit. Also, would be great to see her fight to find and save her friend, Robin.

  4. so sick of liz being the rebound women for Jason every time he is having problems with Sam. I would love to have seen Liz be matched with John McBain. Now that would have been something new and creative. Instead we see once again the look of desperation on Liz’s face, Jason once again, being weak and Sam once again being the strong one. Jason does not feel Ewen deserves Liz well I don’t think Jason deserves Sam!

  5. Liz is once again the rebound women for Jason. Wow. I really want to see this women get with a man that is not in love with another women for once. It would have been nice to see Liz and John McBain instead of the same ole retread of Jiz that was boring the first time around. Jason doesn’t feel Ewen deserves Liz but I don’t feel Jason deserves Sam!

  6. Jason need to get back together the need to get there baby back and hopefully be happy for a little while they are one of the best couples on gh they can’t stay apart for to long i hope the don’t put Jason and Liz together they just don’t fit. If she must be on the show I rather her with Lucky or Ewen. Sam and Jason and please bring Natalie on the show for John the belong together to =)

  7. I have to disagree, I don’t like Liz, never have, she needs to just go away. John and Sam no way, don’t see the chemistry at all. Some people say they were great on Port Charles, but remember this is NOT Port Charles, this IS General Hospital. Luke and Anna another no-no.

  8. I am glad they aree finding getting Liz and Jason out of Sam’s orbit. I rather see Sam with John, if it keeps Liz out of her orbit.Its time to move Liz with someone, she has been with everyone and just don’t click, and that is including Jason.Few like them and there is a couple who keeps pushing Jiz.Haven’t worked yet and now no one really cares but those 2.Bring on McBam.Sam can give Jason visitation if she ever gets her baby back.As far as I care jason and Liz can go look for Lucky.

  9. Sounds great!! Can’t wait to see the John and Sam scenes.

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