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General Hospital Previews: Week of August 27



Jerry’s brother tries to break through to him, Elizabeth is kidnapped, and the citizens of Port Charles await their death next week on General Hospital!

Elizabeth’s in danger!

Worried about Elizabeth, Jason asks Patrick to go to her house and keep her away from Ewen, unaware that the two are already together. Ewen is as shocked by Jerry’s citywide broadcast as Elizabeth is. When he slips up in conversation, Elizabeth questions him. Does this send Ewen reeling? Patrick arrives at her house and attempts to protect Elizabeth without letting Ewen know that it’s him he’s protecting her from. They plan to call the police.

Later, Patrick leaves after Jason comes to check on her, both men unaware that Ewen has plans to kidnap Elizabeth. Once away from Jason and Patrick, Ewen makes a confession to Elizabeth. Will it convince her that he’s not a bad guy after all? Meanwhile, Spinelli calls Jason with information on Ewen. Will Jason be able to save her?

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Jerry reveals his deadly plot!

Jerry takes over the televisions of Port Charles, letting everyone know he’s alive and that they will be infected by a poison and die. Meanwhile, Joe pretends to know nothing about Jerry. Jason, Dante, and McBain scramble to figure out how to deal with Jerry, but McBain suggests they don’t negotiate. Thanks to Patrick, Lulu and Dante learn that Ewen is Jerry’s accomplice.

When Jerry gives the city his demands, everyone continues to panic, sure that their death is imminent. Johnny and Carly finally reconnect and make love, as do Luke and Anna. Shawn is ready to tell Alexis how he really feels. And youngsters, TJ and Molly think about everything they’ll never get to do, including having sex.  Todd visits Jerry and vows to do whatever it takes to keep everyone alive.

Sonny and Jerry face off after the mobster catches him with Kate. Sonny vows to his fiancee that they will put and end to Jerry and live to dance at their wedding! Later, Sonny is ready to put a bullet in Joe Jr. when he drops a bombshell on Sonny.

Jax tries to stop Jerry!  

Jax and Carly discuss how they had no idea that Jerry was still alive. Even though Jerry injected Josslyn to protect her from the illness, her parents are forced to face the grim reality that they could be dying. Upset, Jax confronts Jerry and tries to convince him to change his plan. Carly comforts Jax, who wishes he found figure out a way to reach the human side of his brother and stop him. Determined to stop Jerry, Jax teams up with John McBain. Will they be able to stop him?

Anna learns the patient’s identity on Monday, August 27.

Todd comforts Carly, confessing how much she means to him on Tuesday, August 28.

Lulu and Dante prepare to spend their final hours with one another on Wednesday, August 29.

Patrick rushes to create a drug to counteract Jerry’s poison on Thursday, August 30. Also: Anna and Luke make love.

Luke tells Anna the truth about Robert’s wild goose chase on Friday, August 31.

Coming Up: Week of September 3

The two men in Elizabeth’s life, Jason and Ewen, come to blows as one tries to save her. McBain may have found the solution to saving everyone’s lives. The possibility of death forces Jason and Sam to imagine how differently their lives could be had they made different choices. When Jerry comes face to face with the most powerful people in Port Charles, will his true motive be revealed?

Note: Monday, September 3 is an encore broadcast of Anna finding Luke in the burning shack, Lulu confronting Patrick about drugs, and Todd reeling from Blair’s rejection of his engagement. 

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  1. Agree Love Elizabeth and Jason hope they writers finally give them a real chance.But i don’t truly they news writers they have let us down for wait and see what happy next.

  2. I am loving what Frank and Ron have done with GH! I am so looking forward to a Todd/Carly/Jax triangle. I’m thrilled that Ingo is back. I love Michael Easton. Sebastian Roche is the one evil, yet sexy villian. Give me more Patrick, more Anna, more of Jason and Elizabeth’s slow rebuild to a relationship…and bring back Jake!

  3. yes I love Liz, and Liason!!! heres hoping the new writers finally give them a real chance

  4. agree and I hope Liason is on their way back to each other!! wonder who Anna finds?

  5. hope this is the beginning of the liason reunion!!!!

  6. ITA ~ Jason just wants to save her because he cares about her just like he cares about Carly but nothing has changed. He still is inlove with Sam and he is still in the mob which was too much for Liz and one of the main reasons they broke up. Carly was wrong – Sam can accept Jason’s lifestyle and and all that comes with it because, good grief, she can accept his ties to Liz and Carly BOTH women he has had intimate relationships with but he cannot accept her accept her life which includes John so what’s the problem – JASON! Which leaves Liz on the outside looking in.

  7. I too am a big fan of Becky and her character Elizabeth Webber! The new writers are doing such a fantastic job giving her more interesting story lines and putting more focus on what a fantastic actress she is! I also love that they have let Jason and Liz back into each other’s orbits and that the strong bond of friendship between them is still there. Here’s hoping their friendship grows into a wonderful love story! Thank you writers for giving me my show back! You are doing an awesome job! BRAVO!

  8. The two men in Elizabeth’s life? Oh please……. The only men in her life are her boys. Um, Jason loves Sam! He isn’t “in” her life. They’re just friends.

  9. Love Becky and absolutely love her character of Elizabeth Webber. I so glad the new regime are spreading the storylines around and having more interaction amongst the cast. Frank & Ron are doing an excellent job with trying to save this show. Thank you.

  10. Yeah, whatever!

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