Days of our Lives Previews: Week of September 10

Galen Gering, Alison Sweeney, James Scott

Sami is ready to start a new chapter in her life with EJ, until a surprising kiss from Rafe reminds her of the past. Also: Adrienne is dismayed when Sonny reveals he has feelings for Will; Nicole falls back into old habits when it comes to Daniel and Jennifer.


The tension between Sami and Rafe intensifies when Sami asks Rafe to tell her how he really feels. Before Rafe can respond, EJ interrupts and pointedly asks Rafe about Nicole and the baby. With the moment ruined, Rafe departs but is unable to get his wife out of his head. EJ declares his feelings for Sami, and wraps her up in his romantic plans. His plans are thwarted when he’s forced to resign as Mayor. Never one to be caught off guard, EJ sees an opportunity and reinforces his intentions to do so, but only to spend more time with his family – including Sami.

Will cautions his mother to be careful with her heart. Later, after some encouragement from Nicole, Rafe attempts to talk Sami out of being with EJ. Sami challenges him to tell her who he thinks she should be with. Unable to acknowledge his feelings, he unintentionally offends Sami when he suggests she focus on her children and reminds her of her toxic past with EJ. Sami blasts Rafe for not wanting her to be with EJ, and for not wanting her either.  Hurt by Sami’s words, Rafe prepares to leave, but is overcome with emotion and pulls Sami into a passionate kiss!

Still flustered by what happened with Rafe, Sami tries to postpone her date. EJ sees through her excuses, realizing Sami’s hesitation somehow involves his nemesis. After assuring Sami he can be patient with her, he sets off to confront Rafe, furious with him for interfering in his business. When the two come face to face, it’s no holds barred as the men get into a fist fight over Sami!


Jennifer unintentionally lashes out at those closest to her. Rafe realizes EJ’s true intentions after talking with Lucas. Melanie struggles to cope with the reality of Nick being back in Salem; she accepts Chad’s proposal. Nick tries to make amends with those he’s wronged and receives an offer. Daniel is the comforting shoulder Jennifer needs, much to Nicole’s chagrin. Brady and Jennifer console each other. Adrienne has a negative reaction when she learns Sonny has feelings for Will. Adrienne reveals tells Sonny that Will’s baggage and emotional issues prove he isn’t ready for a relationship. Will learns the truth about Brian and Sonny from T. Gabi and Chad face off. Will and Sonny admit their mutual attraction.


EJ and Rafe fight over Sami. Justin supports Sonny’s decision about Will. Sami asks Rafe to have dinner with her.