Fall Preview: 'Scandal' Season Two Premiere


When the show returns for it’s second season on September 27th, Quinn’s identity is revealed, the First Lady has a bun in the oven, Olivia and her crew work to help a philandering congressman, and Mr. President gives Ms. Pope a call. 

The first season finale left viewers with tons of questions – and heartbreak. Quinn’s reporter boyfriend was murdered and Olivia and her gang rushed to clean up the crime scene, leaving the U.S. Attorney, David Rosen, out for blood. Olivia and the President’s tape had been released, but Mellie told the press she was the voice on the tape and announced they were expecting. After cleaning up the tape mess, Olivia turned in her White House badge and walked away, breaking the hearts of Fitz and Olivia lovers everywhere.

When the show returns, some of these questions are answered and some situations get even more complicated than they were in the finale. After screening the premiere, one thing I can tell you for sure is that it will shock you – repeatedly. The show picks up with a major time jump of six months, revealing Mellie’s swollen belly and the start of Quinn’s trial. Read on for a hint of things to come.

Mellie is more overbearing than ever and actually takes things a step too far. So much in fact that Fitz finally loses it on her, telling her she’s “ornamental, not functional,” in regards to her need to share her opinions and political ideas with everyone. I almost clapped until Mellie reminded Fitz how she gave up her law career to support his political career and that he was the one that changed. This marriage, while a complete mess in about 10,000 ways, still has moments where you can see a glimmer of the past, of the couple they once were. Will their new baby bring them closer? Or drive them further apart? And as for the sex of the baby, you will find out in the premiere, but I’m not spoiling it.

If you spent the break from this show spinning theories regarding Quinn’s past, none probably came close to the truth. Quinn’s name is actually Lindsay Dwyer, but thanks to a terrible, terrible – and I mean terrible crime! – Olivia struggles to convince David Rosen that Quinn is innocent. Meanwhile, the rest of Olivia’s crew struggles to believe Quinn’s story. Will Olivia be able to convince Rosen of her client’s innocence? Who helped Quinn obtain her new identity? And just why is Olivia so loyal to Quinn when she looks so guilty?

The episode’s case dives into the personal life of Congressman Shaw, who upon learning he’s being followed and bugged, goes to Olivia. It turns out Shaw gets around with the ladies and needs Olivia to spin this in his favor. In true, brilliant Pope fashion she makes the impossible happen.

Reeling from his personal life and the possibility of going with war to Sudan (kudos to Shonda Rhimes for bringing a serious issue to light on this drama), Fitz calls Olivia for help. The look on her face, the heartbreak, sadness, and ache, when she realizes who is on the phone nearly brought me to tears. It’s been a long time since there’s been a pairing like this, so capable of conveying one thousand emotions in one look or tone of voice. Olivia advises Fitz about what to do in regards to Sudan and then the two spend a few seconds breathing into the phone. They take my breath away.  

Kerry Washington is a powerhouse and blows me away every episode. This premiere is no difference. Some of the best moments in the episode are when the camera zooms in Olivia, catching snippets of emotions she’s trying so hard to swallow. There are a lot of cracks beneath Olivia’s surface and it looks like a lot of truth may be coming through this season, especially when Olivia does the unthinkable toward the end of the premiere and asks for help. She finds herself in a situation she can’t fix, but someone else can. Who does she call? What do they help her with? And why is she so desperate to fix this? The premiere won’t answer those questions, but it’s safe to say we’ll spend this season finding out.

Scandal returns Thursday, September 27 at 10 PM.