Days of our Lives Previews: Week of September 17

Days of our Lives Young Cast

Will and Sonny must contend with Adrienne’s vocal disapproval of their relationship. Chad’s dark side surfaces when he attacks Nick! Also: EJ and Rafe come to blows over Sami; Melanie is forced to confront her fears; Maggie is odds with Victor and Brady; Bo and Hope have a big decision to make.


Sonny and Justin realize Adrienne won’t be pleased with the progression of Sonny’s relationship with Will. Though his wife may have her reservations, Justin is supportive of Sonny’s romantic desires.

Will’s excitement over his date with Sonny is shattered when he overhears Justin and Adrienne arguing about his involvement with Sonny.  Adrienne feels that while Will may be a nice person, he’s too damaged. Hurt by Adrienne’s comments, Will returns hope with a much different attitude. When pressed by Sami, he blurts out that he’s canceling his date with Sonny because he’s not good enough for him. Will’s pain turns to anger as he lashes out at Sami and later Kate for passing down the family trait of screwing up one’s life. Later Sami and Kate confront Adrienne about her attitude towards Will, but she refuses to change her mind. She’s certain he will break Sonny’s heart sooner than later and would prefer to spare her son from that pain.

Will later confides in Marlena, sharing his fears about not being good enough for “someone”. Will her pep talk give Will the confidence he so desperately needs? Meanwhile Adrienne comes to her senses and apologizes to Sonny for the unkind things she’s said about Will. Sonny takes off to find Will and declares that it doesn’t matter what his mother thinks – he thinks the world of Will and wants to be with him!

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Chad pays a visit to EJ and gets some advice from his brother about his recent troubles.  EJ’s uncertainty over one’s ability to change only reinforces Chad’s negative opinion of Nick. Chad’s paranoia about Nick and Gabi grows, when he sees them and assumes they’re conspiring against him and Melanie. Nick has to intervene when Chad is rough with Gabi. Chad wants to throw down with Nick right in the Brady Pub but is thrown out by Caroline. Afraid of what Nick and Gabi might do to Melanie, Chad asks her to leave Salem with him – for good. Later when he’s unable to contact Melanie, he begins to fret about her whereabouts. After finding Nick finding Nick with Melanie’s scarf. Fearing the worse, Chad flips out and violently attacks Nick! How will Melanie react to Chad’s actions?


EJ’s new plan of legal attack could have devastating professional consequences for Rafe and Daniel. Jennifer overhears EJ’s threats and later confronts Daniel. Sami and Bo clash over Sami’s life choices. Nicole manipulates Abigail to keep tabs on her Jennifer. Bo is torn about his professional dilemma. Daniel’s opposition to Melanie’s marriage strains their relationship. Sami is honest with EJ about her feelings and is surprised by his reaction. Maggie is at odds with Victor and Brady over Melanie’s wedding, and later gets into it with Adrienne. Rafe agrees to have dinner with Sami. Rafe plays mind games with EJ about Sami. Nicole comes up with a plan to ensure EJ stays away from her. Melanie and Nick have an honest heart-to-heart conversation.


Rafe pulls Sami into a romantic kiss, but how will she react when she finds “proof” of Rafe and Nicole’s tryst? Melanie learns those closest to her have been keeping secrets and makes a bold decision as a result.