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General Hospital Previews: Week of September 24



Next week, Jason and Sam kiss, Johnny makes decisions he can’t take back, Patrick spends time with Dr. W and Sabrina, and Sonny and “Kate” have their bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Has Patrick made a connection with Sabrina?

Sabrina babysits Emma while Patrick goes on his date with Dr. W. At the Floating Rib, the two run into Mac, and Patrick feels obligated to explain what is going on.

Meanwhile, Sabrina runs into some babysitting woes. The next day, Patrick does his best to assure her that nothing that happened with Emma was her fault. He even says that he, Sabrina, and Emma had a great time together, unaware that Dr. W overhears the exchange.

Are things really over for Jason and Sam?

After being drawn to the Chinese restaurant where they married one year ago, Jason and Sam are forced to go along with the Yi family’s reaffirmation of their voices. Jason and Sam find themselves caught up in the moment and share a passionate kiss. Later, Jason heads to the hospital and gets the sample from John. Elizabeth offers them her help. 

Meanwhile, Carly has run into Sam at the Chinese restaurant and tells her Jason still loves her and Elizabeth isn’t a threat. She tells Elizabeth the same thing, warning her to stay away from Jason. To dig a little deeper, Carly shares a piece of shocking news with Elizabeth. It must not upset Elizabeth too much because she goes to the hospital to meet Jason, who is waiting on the DNA test. When they arrive, he’s shocked. Has he finally learned the truth?

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Has Johnny gone too far?  

When Anna questions Todd about Heather’s disappearance, Johnny hints that he may know something Heather had on Todd. Later, Carly is surprised to see “Kate” at Johnny’s. Once she leaves, Connie forces him to sign something for their mysterious plan. Johnny panics after signing the document. He calls Todd to make sure he’s going to make Connie disappear, promising to find Heather in return. Is he making a deal with the devil?

Around Town

The wedding preparations are underway. Maxie is nearly driven crazy by Connie’s wedding requests. Sonny is surprised by her choices for their upcoming nuptials. Despite this, Maxie throws Kate a bachelorette party at the Floating Rib. When the party fizzles, she gets Lulu to help liven things up. Meanwhile, Sonny’s bachelor party provides the prime opportunity for a confrontation with Trey.

Kristina informs her parents she’s not signing the annulment papers on Monday, September 24.

Johnny sends Carly away amid his panic on Tuesday, September 25.

Carly tells Shawn that Alexis was married to Jax on Wednesday, September 26.

Felicia tells Maxie not to let Spinelli get away on Thursday, September 27.

Spinelli gets help convincing Jason to keep investigating the “death” of Sam’s baby on Friday, September 28.

Coming Up: Week of October 1

Guests gather at the Haunted Star for Sonny and Kate’s wedding. Will Sam and McBain give into their feelings?

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