Vampire Diaries Premiere Preview: Fix It Clip


The CW has released a new clip where Damon and Stefan argue over Elena. Guess not much has changed between them, eh? 

It’s always been a battle over Elena for Stefan and Damon. Given that Stefan honored Elena’s request and saved Matt, which resulted in her death and pending future as a vampire, it’s no surprise that Damon is just a little bit upset. 

In a new preview, Damon drinks away his frustrations while Stefan reminds him that Elena never wanted to be a vampire. He’s hoping that Bonnie can use her witchy powers to keep Elena from turning, but Damon is very doubtful. In fact, he blames Stefan for Elena’s death. Stefan admits he regrets his choice and he’ll try to fix it. 

It’s easy to see both sides here. Damon always wants to put Elena first, even if he hurts her along the way. Stefan always wants to honor what Elena wants, even if it hurts her along the way. I think a see a trend here. Whose side are you on? Check out the clip and sound off in the comments below! And remember, The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, October 11 at 8 PM.