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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of September 24


Casey Deidrick and Molly Burnett

Melanie leaves Salem after learning the truth about her kidnapping! Also: Sami makes a big admission to Rafe; Nick and Gabi bond; Bo struggles with his decision.

Casey Deidrick and Molly BurnettMelanie leaves Salem after learning the truth about her kidnapping! Also: Sami makes a big admission to Rafe; Nick and Gabi bond; Bo struggles with his decision.


Chad viciously attacks Nick thinking he’s done something to Melanie! Gabi breaks up their fight after revealing Melanie is safe. Meanwhile Melanie reveals to Maggie that isn’t afraid of Nick anymore and feels he’s changed. When Chad finds Melanie, he doesn’t tell her about what he did to Nick. Unfortunately for Chad, Gabi shows up and reveals not only what Chad did to Nick, but how her actions led to Melanie’s kidnapping! Melanie doesn’t take the news well and demands Gabi get out! As Chad tries to comfort her Melanie turns her anger on him as well. She realizes that Chad must have known and despite Chad’s assurances that he only found out after the fact, she lets him have it. Chad’s obsessive need to protect her already hurt Nick, what else is he willing to do in the name of “protecting” her? Fed up with Chad’s betrayal, Melanie demands he leaves.

Maggie and Daniel offer Melanie their support. Chad tries to make amends with Nick to please Melanie but Nick sees through it. Later, Chad tries to reach out to Melanie but she doesn’t want to hear it. After much thought, she decides to go visit Carly in Europe…and ends her relationship with Chad. Melanie shares a tearful goodbye with Maggie, Daniel and Brady, telling them she’s needs to leave to sort out her life and spend time with her mother. She asks Maggie to do one last favor for her…return her engagement ring to Chad.

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During her date with Rafe, Sami admits she has no room to judge Rafe and hopes all works out for him. Rafe almost comes clean but doesn’t for Nicole’s sake. Sami then drops a bombshell – not only has tabled her relationship with EJ, but she did it because she knows they’ll never reach what she had with Rafe!  When he takes Sami home, he can’t hold back his feelings any longer and kisses her! Later Sami tells EJ that there’s still something between her and Rafe. EJ, hurt by Sami’s confession, reminds her that Rafe will never forgive her for her affair. Motivated by revenge, EJ takes steps to find a way to get rid of Rafe for good. Information falls into EJ’s lap that gives him the leverage he needs to keep Rafe away from Sami – but at what cost will he use it?


Nicole hopes her plan will finally convince EJ he’s not the father of her child. Kate offers EJ advice about Sami after he and Rafe nearly come to blows again. Marlena provides emotional support for Sami and Brady during their times of need. Jennifer is out to protect Daniel from EJ’s wrath and Nicole’s clutches. Gabi confesses her crimes to Rafe and later Nick. Caroline supports Bo’s decision to make changes in his life. Lucas is uncomfortable with Will and Sonny’s relationship. Chad turns to EJ for help. Will urges Sami to find out what’s wrong with Rafe. Justin explains the harsh reality facing Gabi. Melanie tells Gabi she’ll never forgive her for what she’s done. Rafe is at the mercy of EJ.


Chad and EJ are at odds. Rafe and Sami discuss their relationship. Nicole learns devastating news. 

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