General Hospital Sneaks: Week of October 1

The guests gather for Sonny and Kate’s wedding. Jason learns what Elizabeth did.


  • The guests gather for Sonny and Kate’s wedding on the Haunted Star.
  • Johnny must attend the wedding.  Will Carly agree to go with him?
  • Trey decides to tell Kristina the whole truth about his father …and his mother.
  • Elizabeth makes a shocking confession.
  • Will Sam and McBain give into their growing feelings?
  • The wedding begins.
  • Jason and McBain have a major decision to make.
  • As promised, the wedding is one the citizens of Port Charles will never forget.
  • Johnny has some explaining to do.
  • Tea receives an unexpected visitor who is there to talk about her son.
  • Someone is shot.
  • Will Jason get the chance to tell Sam the truth?
  • Carly takes her anger out on Todd.
  • Olivia wishes she could help with  Steve’s mother who is still on the loose.
  • The impact of Johnny’s actions finally take their toll.  Will he be able to make things right?

Detailed spoilers will be published Saturday afternoon. We apologize for the delay.