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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 Spoilers: the love triangle, TyKlaus, the new vampire hunter… and Elena’s transition!



Does next week feel like it’s forever away? Check out our spoilers for the new season to tide you over.


Confession: I might have jumped up in down in the doorway of my apartment building when my UPS guy handed me a slim package from the CW this afternoon. I also might have torn said package open with my bare hands, quite the struggle considering how well-taped it was. Understandable since it contained seriously precious cargo: not only the premiere, but the first two episodes season four of The Vampire Diaries. We at TVSource are forever thankful for such a generous gift. My UPS guy might even make it on to this year’s Christmas card list.

The premiere is absolutely everything we’ve been waiting for. Whether you’re shipping Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena or Tyler and Caroline or Tyler and Klaus or this character with that character – trust me, there is something for everyone. And if you’re not a crazy shipper like me, there’s plenty of action, drama, heartwrenching, and often OMFG moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will laugh. You will cry. You will laugh some more. And you will fall out of your seat. It’s just that good.

Without further adieu, here’s a list of ten things that will have you on the edge of your seat, clapping your hands, rolling around on the floor, and/or weeping. 

1. There will be blood.

Elena’s transition is… bloody. Who knew becoming a vampire could be so hard? So consider this your warning if you’re faint of heart or queasy at the sight of blood. Elena will be vomiting a lot of it, everywhere, leaving one hell of a mess to clean up.

To make matters even worse, Elena is once again torn between the Salvatore brothers. She tries to stay true to herself and her relationships with them, but sometimes it’s easier to lean on one more than the other. That said, there are equally tender moments with Elena and Stefan and Damon and Elena. The Stelena moments are particularly couple-like and sweet… and a little sexy, but they don’t come without complications. Things would be too easy if they did

2. Klaus goes back to his body, freeing Tyler.

We’ve seen Klaus do a lot of crazy things, but given that his body was burned to a crisp and he was stuck in Tyler’s body (and dealing with his hovering mother), Klaus has reached a breaking point. He goes to extremes to get back in his body, a bloody, hybrid extreme that will make you cringe and close your eyes and OMFG about ten times. And once back in his while, Klaus turns his rage on someone so violently that you want to curl up and weep a little. He’s clearly got some misplaced rage going on.

Fortunately, Tyler and Caroline get a nice reunion, but that’s not before Caroline’s extremely amusing run-in with TyKlaus.

3. Connor is a seriously badass vampire hunter.

If Alaric was supposed to be a badass vampire hunter, he was on a preschool level compared to Connor, who is prepared to take down every vampire in MysticFalls. He thinks steps ahead of everyone else, interrupting a town event in the second episode in a way that leaves everyone squirming in their seats – especially Elena. No one is safe with Connor in town, not even the humans. He’s a big bad in a way that Klaus and Katherine are big bads. I’m just really, really scared for everyone where he’s concerned.

4. Matt has survivor’s guilt.

It’s bad enough that Damon is giving Matt trouble every time he turns around, but Matt’s grief drives him to do several crazy things. In one sense, he becomes a hero in the first episode, but still grapples with being alive. And in the second episode, he makes a serious sacrifice, perhaps in an attempt to break things even. It’s safe to say his gesture does not go unnoticed by Damon. Could this finally bring Matt forgiveness and peace?

5. Surprise return(s)!

I would love to spoil this except: A) it’s more fun to tease you; B) I’m not allowed to tell you; and C) you’d probably hate me for spoiling something this good. Just trust me, okay?

6. Bonnie’s ch-ch-changing… is it for the better?

In the season premiere, Bonnie is take charge, HBIC, determined to save Elena. She makes the decision to kill herself in order to cross over to the other side and bring Elena back. Say what?! Elena, you better never doubt her loyalty to your friendship. Unfortunately something gets in her way and it will have a lasting impact on Bonnie. Remember when she lost her magic in season one after she got blocked? Well, it’s similar to that and Bonnie is so scared she welcomes someone into her house who’s never crossed the threshold.

7. Damon has a conversation with an unexpected friend.

Anyone doubting how deep Damon’s feelings run will see just how much he feels. Loss. Grief. Heartache. Bitterness. It’s all there and after losing Alaric, Damon’s feeling lonely and out of place. So much so he turns to his favorite thing: drinking bourbon and chasing away anyone who tries to take Alaric’s bar stool. Grief-ridden, Damon seeks comfort and conversation in an unexpected place.

8. There are two memorial ceremonies.

Now, I won’t give away any specifics, but I will say the second memorial is absolutely beautiful. It’s a tender gesture that reminds viewers what exactly everyone has been through in the last three seasons, particularly Elena. Thanks to her heightened vampire sense, she’s feeling more than she ever has, and the usual wall of strength she puts up cracks and eventually breaks down… No worries, Stefan is there to hold her together.

9. “I remember everything.”

Elena’s compulsions come flooding back. It may be one of the most beautiful moments in the pilot. The way it happens and the perspective it brings left me all kinds of breathless. It’s a scene YouTubers will be clipping and viding and OMFGing for time to come. Delena shippers, this moment is for you!

10. April Young arrives in Mystic Falls.

This casting was announced over the summer. She’s a teenage girl, very reminiscent of Elena. From her innocence to her personal tragedies, it’s clear April is meant to be a reflection of who Elena used to be. She plays a very significant role in the second episode and causes a surge of compassion from a still transitioning Elena.

Whew. That was a lot of information. A lot of allusions. A lot of teases. Trust me though. You don’t want me spoiling all of the lovely details. And can I just say that there are some amazing things I can’t even talk about it? Okay, well I did. Don’t hold it against me, please?

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, October 11 at 8PM. I’ll see you here promptly afterward for the return of my top OMFG episode moments. Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments below – or ask questions if something you wanted to know about wasn’t covered! See you in a week!


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