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Revenge Recap: "Resurrection"



Our favorite Hamptonites battled it out for the title of master manipulator. So, who won? 

Things went awry in the Hamptons this week. Daniel investigated his father’s financial records, unaware that Ashley was reporting his every move to Conrad. No one is surprised by such a desperate, social climbing action. After all, Ashley is the most try hard thing to ever step foot in the Hamptons, if not the entire state of New York. Nolan’s company is being audited – and it looks like he may have an adorable new lady friend in his life named Padma. Jack was caught up Maybe Baby Mama Drama. For once, I’m agreeing with Declan, who tells Jack if the baby isn’t his, he needs to walk away. Victoria’s trapped in her safe house, unable to pay the white-haired man, who has passports waiting for payment. He’s going to help her and Charlotte flee the country – unless she can’t pay him. Then he may just decide to off her. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Emily used everyone’s distractions to ease her way back into the Graysons by using Charlotte. Emily clued Daniel in on what Charlotte’s doctor was doing and he tried to stop Conrad, but didn’t get there in time. When he showed up to tell Charlotte he was on her side and she was getting released (unfortunately her trust was already back in Conrad’s hands), she didn’t trust him and left with Emily, who had a conveniently timed arrival. She took Charlotte to see Victoria and offered her a place to stay in the Hamptons.

Charlotte let Emily in on Victoria’s plan for them to leave the country. Little did she know, Emily had already vowed to take Charlotte away from her mother, just as Victoria took Emily’s from her. It didn’t take much work, just a little appearance from her “sister” Amanda Clarke and her swollen belly. Charlotte can’t leave now that she’s going to be an aunt. Ten points, Emily, for this one. It got even better when Charlotte told Victoria about Amanda and staying with her because Victoria looked down her nose, basically told her to get the hell out and that she didn’t need her if she didn’t have her trust fund, breaking Charlotte’s heart all over again. It’s no wonder this girl started doing drugs. Poor Charlotte was unaware her mother was doing this for her safety. If Charlotte stays away from Victoria, she stays away from the evil white-haired man, which means she’s safe. Does Victoria actually have a heart in there somewhere?

Meanwhile, Conrad was ready to share the exciting information that Grayson Global was financially afloat with a boardroom of men, one of whom was Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. He was seen earlier watching Emily from the beach. So now he’s working with Grayson Global for Takeda? What’s brewing here, you guys? There was no time for us to figure it out because Conrad was interrupted, first by Daniel, and then by Victoria, vowing to basically end Conrad if he didn’t stop being such a bastard. The queen is back, y’all!

And Conrad knows when Victoria calls, you come, even if it’s just to spar a few more rounds with your not-so-dead-wife. She dumps a bag out on the table with some miscellaneous items, one being a set of handcuffs, and tells Conrad to hit her. Is it just me or did things get kinky? Especially since Conrad jumped at the chance to do it. Whoa. Later, the white-haired man came back to the cabin and found Victoria beaten and handcuffed. With a devilish smile, she told him that he was the one who’d beaten her up and the police conveniently arrived – along with Conrad – to catch him. Naturally, he escapes. It’s hard to tell who the better manipulator here is, but Victoria is currently trumping Emily, so much so that even Emily is shocked when she realized what’s happened.

Back in the Hamptons, Nolan elected Padma as his CFO and I just kind of hope he’s thinking about her naked because A) Nolan needs to get some; B) it’d be nice to see him pining for someone who wasn’t Jack; and C) I want to see him without a shirt again. Jack got the results of the paternity test that confirms the baby is his… except it’s totally not. Raise your hand if you think this is going to be an Asian baby. Anyone? Now raise your hand if you think Jack will still think it’s his. Anyone? Come on, guys. He is that dumb. Except it turns out the baby actually is Jack’s. Emily just lied to Amanda. This is a major turning point in character, a little Victoriaish, wouldn’t you say?  

At the Grayson’s, Charlotte packed her bags to move into Emily’s, Daniel gave her a trust that included everything he owned – the house, his car, all the money. A sweet, overwhelming deal for a former drug addict, but the gesture is sweet Daniel. Not to mention how beautiful you look when you’re taking such good care of your sister. Needless to say, Charlotte is staying put now.

As if there wasn’t enough manipulating going on, Conrad brought Victoria home, shocking both of his children. Victoria quickly explained why she sent Charlotte away – that the man would have hurt her too. Meanwhile, Conrad told Daniel that taking away Charlotte’s trust was because the white-haired man had kidnapped Victoria the night of the crash and was blackmailing him. There must be something in the water in the Hamptons because these schemes are too good. And just like that, Daniel is reeled back into the Grayson web. Will his beautiful face ever be free? Oh, the travesty!

Summoned to the Graysons by Charlotte, Emily met with Victoria and the two exchanged polite smiles while Daniel watched on. Clearly, he’s regretting breaking up with her, right? This is really all that matters to me right now. His pretty face needs to reunite with her face in a horizontal style. I’m not asking for much. The upside is that with Victoria back, she’ll hopefully kick Ashley’s pathetic, social climbing booty to the curb.

This is where the most interesting turn of events happened. When Emily started to leave, the white-haired man gave her a call, aware that she’d have a video of what happened in the cabin. She gives him the video in exchange for information on her mother. The man told Emily that her mother’s testimony would have brought the entire trial down. So, who’s the fairest manipulator of them all? Even with Victoria’s return and plotting with Conrad, Emily still managed to come out on top. I think I’ll give this one to her… Or rather, I would have except then the white-haired man, revealed to be a federal agent through a flashback involving Victoria and Emily’s mother, tried to kill Emily. Luckily, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome was lurking around and shot him. This means Emily plotted, manipulated, was almost killed, and then saved by a very beautiful man in a single hour of television. Okay, maybe she does win after all. 

What did you guys think about tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comment section below and I’ll see you here next week. 

Amber Cunigan
Amber Cunigan is a sarcastic mid-twenties undergrad, extreme book hoarder, Netflix addict, and reality TV aficionado. She enjoys excessive amounts of chocolate and caffeine, tweeting, and all things Ezra Fitz and Ryan Gosling. When it comes to TV, she expects to be thoroughly entertained and when not, she will slam and mock you, but still tune in next week. She's a glutton for punishment. Basically, she's awesome.

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