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Vampire Diaries: Top 5 OMFG Moments from “Memorial”



This week was all about Elena feeding – and the arrival of a bad ass new vampire slayer!

Elena struggled to feed. On animals. On blood bags. On vampires. Who knew Matt would be just the flavor she needed? Meanwhile, Connor arrived in Mystic Falls. By his standards Alaric was a kindergarten slayer. Connor wears gloves with vervain, has a secret tattoo that only Jeremy can see, and used a funeral to draw out vampires. He is completely insane in a totally exciting vampire way. As long as he stays away from my favorite vampires, he can stick around.

Also, Damon really missed Alaric. Jeremy realized he can see more than ghosts. Matt offered a vein. Caroline and Tyler had lots and lots of grief sex. Pastor Young’s daughter returned to town. And there were a couple of meaningful memories, primarily the one at the end where everyone – except for Damon – laid the past to rest. The lanterns were a really nice touch. Ten points, Stefan.

So, without further adieu, here are the top five moments or stories that played out in Mystic Falls this week. 

5. Bonnie invited Stefan into her house.

This is a major moment for Bonnie. She allowed a Salvatore, you know, the awful murdering vampires she thinks have ruined her life and taken her grandmother into her house. Bonnie shared what was going on – her blocked mind, her lost power, and Stefan encouraged her to work past it because the witches were just messing with her. Sure, this may not seem like a big deal, but it’s taken four seasons for Bonnie to let Stefan in her house. This is a huge stride. 

4. Connor the most badass vampire hunter to ever arrive in Mystic Falls.

At least since the Salvatores came back and the vampire population began to build. First Connor went after Tyler. I have to give him credit, the vervain gloves are pretty creative. Then he got close to Elena during her vomiting spell. And finally set up the most insane scheme to draw out the vampires. He stabbed April Young and left her leaning over the balcony so blood dripped down into the pews. Needless to say, every vampire in the place was twitching. Yet another clever way to find the town’s vampires.

Unfortunately, it left Elena as center of attention when she chose to speak at the funeral. She could hardly breathe, speak, let alone stand, and if Stefan hadn’t rescued her from the front of the room, she may have gotten shot. Tyler stepped up to the plate and allowed Connor to shoot him, so everyone could escape. Major bonus points to Tyler.

Plan gone awry, Connor tried to flee, but Damon caught him, resulting in a lot of vervain soaked wooden bullets. Stefan arrived to help, but saw his brother was safe and used the chance to punch him in the face for letting Elena feed on him. Absolutely hilarious. 

Some might think Connor is mean. Or crazy. Or awful. But really, he’s just going after blood-suckers who kill people. The problem is we just happen to really like those blood suckers. The vampires need someone chasing them, a villain other than Klaus, so I am really going to like this angle this season. 

3. Jeremy can see more than ghosts.

Jeremy commented on Connor’s tattoo when he saw him sitting at the bar at the Mystic Grill. The only problem was that Jeremy was the only one who could see the tattoo. Matt couldn’t see it and Connor was stunned that Jeremy could.

The most interesting part? If you haven’t seen the cards released by the CW, check out Jeremy’s below. He has the same exact markings as Connor. So what does this mean? Is Jeremy destined to become a vampire hunter? Will Connor come after him? What about Elena?


Like I don’t even know, you guys. My mind is just blown

2. Elena’s blood issues.

Remember that time you tried to sex up your boyfriend in the woods and then vomited blood everywhere? Yeah. Me either. Yet another reason why it sucks to be Elena Gilbert. What about the time your boyfriend’s vampire brother let you feed from his vein? I’m never one for blood pay to be sexy, but the way Damon held Elena and all their soft breathing and moans was like… Well, sex. Like whooooaaa sex.

What’s worse than that? Throwing up all over the bathroom at a funeral. Instead of calling Stefan, she called Damon and asked him for help. He brought her a dress, which is probably as romantic of a gesture as one can get from him. And then he comforted her when she was terrified about having to feed out of the vein. They stared into one another’s eyes and it was beautiful and lovely… until Damon noticed Stefan. It wouldn’t be a new episode without some Salvatore sparring. Elena didn’t go to Stefan for a reason. If he should be mad at anyone, it’s her.

Later, during the funeral, Elena began to really lose it over the blood. Always the hero who never gets the girl, Matt offered to let her feed from him. Stefan encouraged her and there in the middle of a lot of people, Elena sank her fangs into his neck. How no one in the room noticed, I will never understand, but vampires are stealthy, sneaky people, so I’ll let this one pass. And just like that, Elena’s blood issue was cured. She will live and drink more blood and drive the Salvatore brothers insane for all eternity.

Later, Elena nearly fed on April young, but Caroline talked her down by calling on her humane side. Elena still has compassion and understanding and cares. It’s going to take something really bad for her to ever turn it off the way Stefan did. And then she compelled someone for the first time. Elena’s stepped into this vampire thing without many issues.

Except she still cries all the damn time, but there’s room for improvement there. 

1. Damon visits Alaric’s grave, unaware his dead former BFF was listening.

While this might not be the most jaw-dropping, in your face, OMFG moment, it was quite possibly one of the best of the night. In fact, it’s hands down one of my top three moments ever in the series.

Damon tries to present an unfeeling persona, but Alaric’s death has touched every part of his life and left a gaping whole that no amount of sex, human blood, or recklessness can fill in. Alaric was his best friend, drinking buddy, and sounding board. Without him, Damon’s a little lost. This is a nice reminder that Damon does feel, maybe deeper than anyone around him. Not only did Damon prevent anyone from sitting on Alaric’s stool, but when it came time for the group to have their own memorial, Damon left and went to Alaric’s grave.

There, he drank a bottle of bourbon and said lots of sad things to Alaric. My favorite was, “When you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing that you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be.” 

The camera panned over revealing ALARIC. Sitting there. In all his ghostly glory while Damon complained about not getting the girl and being stuck fighting with Stefan and taking care of the kids.

When Damon walked away, a saddened ghost Alaric said, “I miss you, too, buddy,” and I cried for five days straight. No, seriously, ever since the CW sent the screeners I’ve been crying over this. I can’t stop.

So I’m going to go find some tissues and recover. Don’t forget to sound off below and let me know what your favorite moments were this week. And I’ll see you next Thursday.

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