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General Hospital Previews: Week of November 5


Luke questions Duke’s story, Robin makes a phone call and Dante and Lulu step up their efforts to become parents next week on “General Hospital.”


Unable to shake his doubts about Duke, Luke decides to dig into his story about being held captive in Turkey for decades. But while Luke is playing detective, Duke is busy getting closer to Anna as the two share a romantic dance. Duke gets a call from Dr. Obrecht informing him that he is needed in Switzerland. As Anna is confiding in Mac about her feelings for Duke, the man in question arrives back at the Swiss clinic.

Everything Has Changed

It’s Emma’s birthday and that prompts emotional thoughts and memories of Robin for Patrick and Anna. Sabrina arrives with a gift for Emma and when Emma answers the phone, Robin is on the other end! Sabrina wants to work with Elizabeth to make the Nurses’ Ball happen in honor of Robin. Patrick is thrown when he hears about the mysterious call and tells Sabrina that someone must have been on the other end of the line.

Begin Again

Dante and Lulu fill out an application to adopt, but they’re concerned when they must share information about their own families since the Spencer and Corinthos clans are not exactly model citizens. Lulu comes up with an alternative plan. When the couple finds out that their preliminary adoption interview is happening sooner than they expected, Lulu confesses her new plan to Dante and begs him to go along with it. But will they be caught in a lie?

State of Grace

Will Johnny rebuff Connie’s sexual advances on Monday, Nov. 5?

Sam tells John that Jason is Daniel’s biological dad and she won’t stop pursing every angle to bring her son’s father home on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Todd asks Starr to move in with him and she accidentally tells her father that Michael confided a secret to her on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Sonny, Johnny, Connie and Trey take the stand to present their arguments at Connie’s commitment hearing on Thursday, Nov. 8.

After Carly confronts Michael with her suspicions, he finds someone tied up in the boathouse on Friday, Nov. 9.

Coming up the week of November 12: Carly faces Michael’s wrath, Connie tries to force Todd’s hand, Lulu and Dante move forward with plans for surrogacy, Steve is extremely troubled to learn things are not what they seem and Monica reveals that she resorted to desperate measures.

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