Days of Our Lives Previews: Week of November 5

Daniel learns the truth about the baby, Marlena is suspicious of Kristen and Will is still upset about his fight with Sonny next week on Days of our Lives.


Unable to shake a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, Daniel starts asking questions and learns from Dr. Sedwick that she was the one who told Nicole her baby had died. After a conversation with Sami, Jennifer begins to think that Nicole confronted her on purpose the day she fell down the steps and she wonders if Sami’s theory is correct – that Nicole intentionally lied about Jennifer pushing her. Jennifer goes to see Nicole, who is packing for a trip with Daniel, unaware that he knows the truth.

When he can’t find Nicole, Daniel asks Rafe to help him with the search, but doesn’t clue him in. An armed and unstable Nicole heads to Jennifer’s as her paranoia gets the best of her. She accuses Jennifer of pushing her intentionally to kill her baby just as Daniel arrives and announces that Jennifer couldn’t have killed the baby because he was already dead. Nicole denies it as EJ, Rafe and Brady burst in. Everyone is shocked when Daniel finally gets Nicole to admit the truth. Nicole runs away and once again attempts to take drastic measures.


John tries to reassure Marlena about Sami working for Kristen, but she’s still not okay with it. Brady tells Marlena that he confronted Kristen and told her to stay away from their family. Kate is furious that Kristen handed her divorce papers from Stefano. When John goes to Sami’s office, he sees Kristen there and she insists that she didn’t follow him. Sami confirms that she was meeting Kristen and refuses to quit. Kristen reaches out to Marlena herself, but that only makes Marlena more upset. Later, Kristen assures Stefano her plan to bring the DiMera clan back together is working. John once again accuses Kristen of stalking him and as more memories come back, she breaks down. Marlena confides in Hope that she fears Kristen will drive a wedge between her family.


Victor suggests Brady throw himself and his money at Nicole to get her away from Daniel, Nick and Gabi make love again, Abigail tells Cameron that even though she’s sorry for the way things ended between them, she’s moving on and Gabi urges Will to try and make things right with Sonny. Will finally picks up the phone, but how will the conversation go?


Marlena finds John out at the Horton Cabin with Kristen. EJ is ready to return to the DiMera family. Gabi faints…

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