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‘Scandal’ Preview: 8 Things to Expect in “All Roads Lead to Fitz”



Olivia has her hands full when a governor is vengeful following his wife’s rape. Meanwhile, Cyrus’ husband returns to his job as a political journalist. What does that mean for Cyrus and Fitz?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve yet to recover from Fitz declaring, “I’m done. I’m letting you go,” and Olivia sobbing at the table alone. But like Olivia, we have to bury our heartbreak and move on, which is what she’s doing in Thursday’s new episode.

[Warning: spoilers for Thursday’s episode ahead.]

1. The round table of Olivia and the D.C. higher-ups is all because of Dave Rosen. Accusations fly from everyone with Olivia finally promising to fix the problem. Dave continues his investigation, his relationship with Abby, and takes the bait the group provides him in hopes of getting him off their backs.

You’ll also learn how in control Hollis is of everything and just how he put everyone into their current positions. The most heartbreaking moment may come when Olivia’s asked what she got out of the deal. As per usual, Kerry Washington says so much with a single look.

2. Olivia is hired to deal with the rape of a governor’s wife. It doesn’t take long for Olivia’s team to uncover the flaws in their story. You see, the rapist was a contractor at the governor’s home and it turns out that he didn’t actually rape her. Like whoa, you guys. That’s just the first of many twists. This governor just might be the king of dirty-awful in Washington. How will Olivia spin this one? What will she do when Dave gets in her way yet again?

3. Cyrus’ husband, James, is now the Chief White House correspondent for, as he puts it, “the most powerful news outlet in the country.” This is what happens when you don’t give your husband a baby, Cyrus. Matters worsen when he spars with Cyrus during a question and answer session with reporters. When Cyrus doesn’t give him what he wants, James goes to Mellie. She’s willing to use this connection to her advantage, except Cyrus won’t let her. This is where your weekly let’s put Mellie in her place moment happens. Crazy Wife versus Crazy Cyrus results in a really fantastic scene. “You may be an animal, but I am a monster,” Cyrus tells her and we all know what Cyrus is capable of, so walk quietly Mellie. Walk very quietly.

4. Huck’s AA crush is both awkwardly likeable and awkwardly scary. She’s upfront about what she wants and I don’t know how to handle her – neither does Huck. He seeks help from Harrison and the gang in what are equally funny and endearing scenes.

5. Someone wants to take Olivia on a date. She’s reeling from Fitz and heartbroken, but tells him that eventually she’ll be ready to go out with him. While I’m saddened at her moving on, she deserves happiness more than anyone else in the entire city of D.C.

6. Cyrus’ marital roles lead him to leaning on Olivia’s shoulder. They swap the tales of their crappy days. Honestly, I think Olivia gets this one. Their friendship, while somewhat twisted given what Cyrus has done in the past, is so enjoyable to me. He gets her, she gets him, and they each have their secrets.

7. Abby uncovers something she’s not supposed to know anything about and takes it straight to David, revealing what Quinn’s boyfriend was working on. Needless to say, it has a very significant role in the political world. Unfortunately for Abby, her days of running between Olivia Pope’s office and Dave’s apartment are numbered.

8. The play on the words “all roads to lead to Fitz” are quite significant.

“All Roads Lead to Fitz” airs Thursday, November 8th at 10 PM on ABC. 

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