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‘Nashville’ Recap: “We Live in Two Different Worlds


‘Nashville’ Recap: “We Live in Two Different Worlds

Rayna tried to help her struggling husband, Juliette nearly drowned in the shoplifting backlash, and Scarlett and Avery were at odds, reminding us just how tough Nashville and the spotlight can be. 

Okay, so I am days late on this recap thanks to a combination of a broken laptop, college, and a day job, but I’m here nonetheless. Let’s consider this a refresher on last week’s episode; the things you’ll want to remember when next week’s rolls around.

1. Rayna tried to save her husband’s fumbling political career, even if it means using Deacon.

It’s never a good sign when your wife is having dirty dreams about someone who isn’t you. It’s also not a good sign when your points are dropping in the polls when you’re running for office. I smell lots and lots of trouble, especially with the insertion of Margaret (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and the complicated history she brings to the fold. They’ve got a secret – dun, dun dun! – one that’s bound to come out.

Unaware that there’s nothing Rayna can ask Deacon to do that he’ll say no to, she feigned surprise that Deacon would perform at her husband’s political function. And when her father laid into Deacon about how awful he is and how they’ve carried him on their backs, Rayna just stood there and didn’t even defend him. Without Deacon, she’d be nowhere. Forget about her father’s money. Her relationship with Deacon and the songs they wrote together clearly defined the early days of her career. You’d think she could be just a little more respectful toward him.

Watching Deacon get off on her husband’s jealousy when they performed onstage together almost made up for my anger. It must suck to know your wife is in love with him. Although I do wish Deacon was loved by someone more worthy of his love in return, especially someone who will fire him just because she can’t deal with the fact that she loves him. She made her bed. She needs to lie in it. Preferably all alone because that’s what she deserves.

2. Channeling her inner Winona Ryder didn’t do Juliette any favors.

I bet Juliette wouldn’t even know who Winona Ryder is. I also bet people don’t have an inner Winona Ryder’s, but whatever.

While I don’t understand why Juliette stole the nail polish, it’s not the first time someone in the limelight has done something completely moronic. Like basically anyone who has ever worked for the Disney Channel – Hilary Duff, aside. She was lectured on the importance of maintaining longevity and not becoming washed-up. The natural response to being caught breaking the law in Hollywood? You go on Good Morning America for an interview.

Juliette sat down for an interview with Robin Roberts, who asked her to explain the video. She told a rather convincing story about how she panicked in the store because it’s hard to leave her house. Roberts seemed to buy it, but when she asked about Juliette’s mother, Juliette tore the mic off and walked out of the interview. I can’t say I blame her.

Her mother’s presence is sending her reeling. How do you trust the woman who abandoned you for drugs? How can you put your faith in her being there for you now? These aspects are reasons why Juliette is still the most interesting character on the show. She makes me ask, “Rayna who?” Every episode brings another layer to her character and shines light on aspects of fame we see playing out in headlines on a daily basis.

Juliette’s excuse for stealing is that she used to do it when she was a child because it made her feel like she was taking care of herself. Her manager forgives her. Who wouldn’t? This girl is about ten shades of messed up. She calls Deacon, who is available since no one else in the world wants either one of them. They deserve the good love they can give each other and is probably the best thing this show has going for it right now.

3. Gunnar and Scarlett got a publishing deal.

Gunnar shared the news with Scarlett, who promptly jumped into Avery’s arms. I’ll try not to hold her against that. They’re welcomed into a mansion with a fully stocked kitchen and loads and loads of history… and a really cute brunette who immediately set her eyes on Gunnar. Is this love triangle about to become a square?

At a celebration dinner, Scarlett spent most of the time propping her boyfriend and not her career. Avery was embarrassed and Scarlett was too naïve to realize why it was upsetting him. He’s upset that she’s up and coming. She just wants him to be as successful as her. This relationship is doomed and strangely enough, Avery has become the most interesting of the pair. He’s the one who’s busted his ass as a songwriter and musician in Nashville, the reason Scarlett ever moved to the city in the first place, and by chance she gets a big break and he’s still playing the same old club. It’s the classic music industry struggle. Deacon gave her some simple advice, “Avery’s going to keep up or he’ll get left behind.” 

And judging from next week’s preview, it looks like that might be a mantra for everyone. I’ll see you here next week! 

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