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'Arrow' Preview: Can Oliver prove he's innocent when he's not?


Detective Lance has figured out Oliver’s biggest secret. But will anyone really believe that the playboy billionaire is really dressing up in a green hood and targeting the city’s criminals? That question will be answered in tonight’s all new episode of “Arrow” and TV Source has your first look at what to expect.

[SPOILERS AHEAD – You’ve been warned]

The episode begins five years earlier on the island as the mystery archer continues to show Oliver how to kill little animals. Oliver isn’t really enjoying it and wants to try and shoot the bow and arrow on his own. Let’s just say that archery is apparently an acquired skill for Mr. Queen because after he shoots his first arrow, the archer looks and him and tells him, “You will die badly.”

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Back in the present, Oliver Queen is being booked on lots of charges, including murder and Detective Lance is reveling in it. Moira and Walter are not amused and insist that Oliver will not be answering any questions until his lawyer arrives. Oliver wants Laurel to represent him. Even though Moira doesn’t agree, she goes to the young attorney and asks for her help. Laurel is surprised and turns her down because she doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Oliver decides to represent himself, but of course Laurel shows up and now it’s Detective Lance’s turn to be angry. Laurel gets Oliver out on bail, but there’s a catch: he’s confined to his house and he has to wear an ankle monitor. Oliver doesn’t like the deal, but then he decides to make the best of it and throw a huge party. Even Tommy tells him that a party is a terrible idea, but Oliver will not be deterred.

Villains of the past and present play a huge role in the episode. In flashbacks, we get to see Oliver being tortured on the island by Deathstroke. But what does Oliver have that he wants? I’m not telling, but viewers will be surprised. In the present, the well-dressed man is not happy to learn that Moira’s son has been charged with being the man in the hood. Moira insists that Oliver is innocent, but he’s not really buying it and makes it pretty clear that he will take matters into his own hands. While it’s been hard to figure out exactly whose side Moira is on and it may still be murky, she has a nice BAMF in this episode.

Laurel learns some things about her former boyfriend that lead to what is my new favorite moment between them and once again we should all be thanking the chemistry Gods for Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy because they are flawless together. But can Laurel really forgive and forget? Oliver did sleep with her sister behind her back and then her sister died. But that wasn’t the only consequence to the Lance family and this episode unveils a new layer to Detective Lance’s bitterness. It’s hard not to feel for the guy, even if he is determined to prove that Oliver is a murderer and a liar.

As always, Dig plays a major role in the episode and cements himself as being one of the most awesome characters ever. Walter is also quickly moving up that list. After he discovered the Queen’s Gambit in Moira’s storage facility, Walter takes action. But what will it cost him? Then, there’s Thea. Oliver insists that the idea of him being the guy in the hood is crazy, but Thea reminds him that he gave her an arrowhead. How will he talk his way out of that one? Find out tonight.

“Arrow” airs Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 8:00 p.m. EST on The CW.

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