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'Days of our Lives' Previews: Week of November 19


Next week on Days of our Lives, Kristen is the source of conflict between John and Marlena over what happened to Brady. Also: Eric provides guidance for Nicole; A group of women in Salem find common ground.


Kristen visits a hospitalized Brady, grateful to him for coming to her rescue. Brady still hasn’t changed his opinion on Kristen, encouraging her to leave town and stay away from his family. When Brady tries to leave against Cameron’s orders, he becomes disoriented and falls into Kristen’s arms. 

While spending time with John, Marlena deletes multiple messages left by Kristen, unaware that she’s trying to inform John about Brady. When she inevitably learns about the attack, she and John rush to the hospital. Marlena realizes she inadvertently kept John from his son and tries to confess, but Kristen already tells John that she left him messages. John is initially puzzled as to why he didn’t receive them until Marlena admits she erased them. John is furious with his wife for her actions and asks her to let go of her paranoia about Kristen. Marlena refuses to back down, which only further strains things between her and John.[Copied from]

Meanwhile, Brady begins to believe Kristen may have actually changed. He informs John of his new position, deciding that trying to protect the family against Kristen is unnecessary. But is all as it really appears to be? Kristen shows her true intentions as she “thanks” Marlena for playing just right into her hands… [Copied from]


Nicole opens up to Eric about what she’s done to Jennifer and fears he’ll judge her. Eric is instead sympathetic to Nicole’s plight, especially with the loss of her child. Eric encourages Nicole to make amends with Jennifer and Daniel, believing she’ll find forgiveness for herself and from God. Nicole is resistant, but will she open herself up to the possibility when Eric explains how he turned his life over to God? [Copied from]


Kayla gives Hope positive news about Caroline. Could Bo and Caroline return to Salem sooner than everyone thought? Abe confides in Kayla. Jennifer, Adrienne, Billie, Kayla and Hope bond during a group meeting.  Nick confesses to Hope his love for Gabi. Lucas makes peace with Sonny. Jennifer and Adrienne discuss the realities of moving on with life after a great loss. Hope and Kayla warn Eric against Nicole. Jennifer comes face to face with Nicole.

Note: Days of our Lives will not air on Thursday, November 22 and Friday, November 23.

SOURCE LOOK AHEAD: WEEK OF NOVEMBER 26: Chad warns Sonny of Will’s close relationship with Gabi. Eric fears Caroline is not as well as she claims. Gabi makes a big decision…[Copied from]

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