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‘Vampire Diaries’: Top 5 OMFG Moments from “My Brother’s Keeper”



Sires, sex, and stakes – oh my!

Tonight the annual Miss Mystic Falls Pageant rolled into town – it’s only been a year, y’all?! Like major WTF! Anyway, the  pageant providing an intriguing backdrop for romantic entanglements, confessions, and hunter shenanigans. Stefan reeled from his breakup with Elena, sending Jeremy spiraling as well. Klaus courted Caroline – quite successfully, I might add. April Young was crowned Miss Mystic. Professor Shane’s connections to MysticFalls were further revealed. Oh, and this other major thing happened that certain fans have been waiting on since the first season. I’ll get to that later.

5. Klaus is well-versed in wooing the women – more specifically, Caroline.

With a dimple smile and a well pressed suit, Klaus arrived for his date with Caroline. She was appreciative of his punctuality, chose of clothing, and twinkling eyes. Smart girl that Caroline. Tyler and Hayley arrived at the same time, but Caroline was too distracted by Elena’s newfound love for Damon to care. The BFFs had a heated exchange and Klaus pulled her away, explaining that eventually it would all make sense.

Once Caroline got Elena off her mind, Klaus turned all soft-spoken and sweet, pulling a bottle of champagne out of thin air. The two talked about life and flirted and teased and were just genuinely the cutest thing this town has ever seen. Klaus becomes so adorably boyish around. It’s lovely, really. Not to mention he told a beautiful anecdote about how seeing a hummingbird once made him want to be human because fighting to survive must be so satisfying. Oh, the plight of the immortal, you guys.

4. Elena is sired to Damon?!

Yes, these two finally had sex. The Damon and Elena fans let out a major collective sigh, fangirl squeal, and scream tonight. Yes, there was hot fly around the room vampire makeout. Yes, Elena ripped Damon’s shirt off. Yes, Damon kissed his way all around her lacy bra.

That’s not the important part though. It’s not like there weren’t hints (or all those promos and Tumblr squealing) to clue us in on this happening. It was expected, but it’s the reasons behind that make it more interesting.

During the much anticipated sex, Caroline and Stefan realized that Elena is sired to Damon. They ran through how she’d acted since becoming a vampire and how she’d done basically everything Damon said. Like not being to drink from anything except the vein. Like killing Connor.

Caroline thinks it’s because Damon’s blood turned her, but let’s remember that Damon did share blood with Elena shortly after she turned. What if that’s the personal power behind blood sharing that Damon referenced before she fed from him?

3. Stefan is a BAMF.

Stefan is understandably reeling from his and Elena’s breakup. Thankfully, Caroline was a fantastic sober sponsor and prevented him from releasing his inner ripper. She didn’t, however, prevent him going seriously badass on Jeremy.

At Klaus’ bidding, Stefan sought a hospital patient, who just happened to be guilty of murder. Without hesitating, he fed the patient vampire blood, snapped his neck, and dragged him to an underground lair. Jeremy arrived and Stefan forced him to feed the man his blood and let the official transition take place. He has obviously lost his damn mind in the best possible way. I love, love, love Stefan when he’s like this.

Even better, he forced Jeremy to kill the new vampire, so his tattoo would grow. He demanded Jeremy add to the drawing of the tattoo, but Jeremy felt betrayed and staked Stefan instead.

That leads me to my next point.

2. Jeremy is also a BAMF.

The more Jeremy kills, the more he feels the need to kill. This led to nightmares about killing his sister and waking up with a whittled sword in one hand and a knife in the other. Hunter problems, y’all.

Later at the Mystic Falls Pageant, Jeremy turned on his robot hunter voice and informed April that her father and the council were right in trying to get rid of vampires. Uh, oh. Even worse, Elena found him digging his sword into his hand and he confessed that all he thinks about is killing vampires. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but it’s all he can think about. This led to a heated exchange that resulted in Elena getting stabbed in the next. Before it got worse, Matt showed up, but he couldn’t exactly stop Jeremy because he’s human. Stefan stopped him since he’s always the hero. It didn’t mean much to Elena though, especially when Stefan explained that it’s his fault Jeremy is having hunter rage.

Scared for her life, Elena moved out of her house and Matt moved in, leaving him to deal with Jeremy’s BAMF hunter rage. I approve this.

1. Professor Shane is the reason Hayley’s breaking the hybrid sire?!

Professor Shane told Damon that the cure is sealed with a spell only a certain kind of witch can expel – a Bennett witch to be exact. This explains his interest in Bonnie.

Later, Tyler tells Hayley they’ve broken another hybrid sire and she tells Shane, asking that Tyler is left alone when everything goes down.

So Shane needs a Bennett witch, hybrids who aren’t sired, and a hunter’s a map to get the cure?! Or do the hybrids tie into the evil he warned Pastor Young about?

What are your speculations about Professor Shane? What about Elena being sired to Damon? Are you rooting for Klaus and Caroline or Tyler and Caroline? Sound off in the comments below and I’ll see you here next week to see how everyone takes the news that Damon and Elena have officially crossed the point of no return.


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