'The Vampire Diaries' Preview Clip: "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"


Things are bound to get complicated given Elena’s sire bond, but did Damon know about it?

After Caroline figured out Elena has a sire bond to Damon, Stefan went straight to his brother and confronted him. Rest easy Damon and Elena fans, he hadn’t even considered the idea that Elena was sired to him. Given how quickly she jumped into his arms, Damon probably wasn’t thinking about anything other than getting her clothes off.

In a new preview clip, Damon tells Stefan his accusation that she’s sired is pathetic. Stefan lists the evidence he and Caroline compiled and Damon still denies it. To prove him wrong, Stefan asks Damon to tell Elena to drink from a blood bag. Always the stubborn brother, Damon agrees to the offer in exchange for an apology from Stefan.

What will happen when Damon asks Elena to drink from a blood bag? Tune in next Thursday at 8PM to find out. Until then, check out the clip below.