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'Scandal' Recap: 'Defiance'


“Scandal” continues to rightfully earn its title as TVSource Magazine’s best drama of the year. Thursday’s episode “Defiance” was full of twists and turns, leading viewers on the road to uncovering a presidential conspiracy, and ended with the gunshot heard around the world!

First of all, how apropos is it that this election fraud takes place in Ohio? The timing of this storyline is so eerily perfect after we just made it through this past hard fought election of 2012.  Second, I don’t want Cyrus to kill his husband. I mean this figuratively AND literally. RIP Amanda Tanner.  Hollis, however, can still be run over by a Mack truck, but with this election can of worms being cracked open by James, I know he’s around for a good while. Also, I know this shady prick is involved up to his neck with Fitz’s shooting, so bring on the hanging noose for him.  Bravo to Dan Bucatinsky for bringing James to life this week.  I always enjoy his snarkiness but giving him this storyline pitting him against Jeff Perry’s Cyrus is going to be a battle of chess moves.

Thank God Fitz is back, except the shooting part. I am really not ok with the shooting part.  Before the PTSD-inducing shooting though I missed his lovely face on my TV.  I REALLY missed his face when he gets a glimpse of Olivia on TV. That look stops traffic and makes your heart beat just a little bit faster while you hold your breath.  It made me slightly nauseous to see his reaction to the photos of Liv and Edison because you know he’s looking at the love of his life “moving on” with quite possibly one of the most boring men in all of Washington DC.

My hopeless romantic side is team Fitz because this kind of love is beyond all rules and laws and stupid significant others. My realistic side, however, knows he has absolutely no right to feel this way…just ask his 32-weeks pregnant b*tch of a wife.  Mellie, by the way, is the character I LOVE to hate. Bellamy Young brings it every episode and her desperation in not wanting Fitz to get out of the car was palpable.  Meaning, MELLIE KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.  For this reason alone, I hope Olivia makes another amazing sex tape with Fitz and Mellie is made to watch every day for the rest of her life.

Back to Edison for a minute, let’s discuss how slow he is.  It is obvious Olivia isn’t over that last guy because she won’t even discuss him even in general terms with Edison.  If you can’t talk about your ex, can’t see him without tuning out everything around you, you are definitely not over him.  Also, the only thing I was focused on during Edison’s verbal parading of previous girlfriends was Liv’s magnificent pumps.  She’s settling for someone who’s familiar and comfortable and safe.   Completely understandable since she’s had her heart torn to shreds by Fitz, but it’s a “be happy now” thing not a “I’m totally in love with him” thing.

Liv’s face (a testament to Kerry hitting every nuance of the scene) when she hears that Fitz has approved Edison for Senate Majority leader killed me because she believes Fitz is truly moving on. Never going to happen, by the way.  Same for Liv, she can dish out advice to the ex wife of the billionaire moving on with someone a quarter of his age (gross), but she can’t really move on from Fitz.

The case of the week was entertaining because Harrison had to be the grown up and take the lead. His guilt over setting David up is eating him alive with Abby, so he might break soon unless Liv steps in.  I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but when Abby finds out what he did there’s going to be some serious yelling involved. Lastly, Huck needs to drug and muzzle Quinn (again).

Oh and to the intern who tweeted out the hashtag “#WhoShotFitz” about 20 minutes after the east coast finished the show, and approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes before the west coast did and spoiled the ending for us, I’m still pissed off at you. 

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