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'General Hospital' Previews: December 24 Edition


This week, the residents of Port Charles celebrate the holidays on “General Hospital.” Michael once again finds himself having to choose between his two dads, Connie and Todd are desperate to protect their secrets as Starr and Sam push for the truth and Kristina has big news for her parents.

Note: Due to the holidays, an encore broadcast of this year’s Thanksgiving episode will air on Monday, Dec. 24 and the show will not air on Tuesday, Dec. 25. The show returns with a new episode on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

Wednesday, December. 26

It’s Christmas Eve in Port Charles and Sonny is hosting a dinner for family and friends. As he waits to see if Michael will show up, Kristina makes a big decision about her future. Meanwhile, at the Q’s, AJ is also waiting for his son to arrive while he bickers with Tracy about ELQ. Todd and Carly end up spending the holiday together and one of Port Charles’ residents ends up in the hospital. Any guesses?

Thursday, December. 27

Time travels fast on soaps and this episode brings New Year’s Eve. Connie is holding Johnny prisoner to make sure that he doesn’t talk, but will Todd be able to distract Starr when she shows up looking for him? Dante and Lulu are a little confused as to why Maxie turned to Spinelli instead of them when she had a problem. Another couple decides it’s time to make up for a lot of lost (naked) time.

Friday, December. 28

Starr and Connie get into a physical fight. Trey prepares to say his goodbyes and Kristina notices something odd about Connie’s car. Sam is once again looking for evidence in Todd’s office, but this time, she wants to prove that he stole her sister’s book. Lucy makes it her mission to continue to pit Tracy and AJ against each other and Patrick asks a certain lady if she has New Year’s Eve plans, which leads to a fantasy sequence.

Coming up the week of December 31: New Year’s Eve ends with several lives hanging in the balance as potential couples experience romantic shakeups. Will they make the right choices? Whose lives are on the line? Stay tuned.

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