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'Days of our Lives' Previews: December 24 Edition


It’s the week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Salem. As families rally around each other to spread Christmas cheer, there are others in town who wonder where the New Year will take them. Also: A secret affair is exposed!

Christmas in Salem

Families in Salem celebrate the Christmas holiday. Sonny and Will spend Christmas Eve at the Kiriakis Mansion with his family. Victor receives a thoughtful gift from Daniel, Brady, Justin and Bo.

Across town at the Horton’s, Julie expresses concern over Nick and Gabi rushing into marriage, but Nick eases her fears when he expresses his deep love for her. Later, Gabi is officially welcomed into the family when she’s presented with her own ornament. Lucas warmly greets Sonny when he arrives with Will. Hope and Ciara join their family via video conference as the family hangs their ornaments.

Sami is pleased when Rafe brings a gift for Sydney, but is disappointed when he reveals he has plans for Christmas. Rafe pretends everything is fine when Sami asks why he’s distant, not revealing that he saw her moment with EJ. Later, Caroline reminisces about the past while Sami thinks about the future. Will it be Rafe or EJ?

On Christmas Day, the Hortons, Bradys, Kiriakises and DiMeras continue their celebrations. EJ and Sami spend Christmas together with their children. EJ uses his private time to lay out his feelings for Sami, asking where she sees their relationship heading. Sami is truly torn, but is saved from answering when Johnny interrupts. Elsewhere, Will negotiates a truce between Sonny, Gabi and Nick for the day. Chad spends the day with Abigail.

Doug, Julie and Jennifer read the Christmas story to children at the hospital. Maggie, Abe and Kayla convince Victor to dress up as Santa for the kids and all goes well. Later at the Horton house, things are get a little awkward when Billie and Kate show up at Lucas’ behest, but are eventually welcomed. Maggie ends the day with a rousing speech about family.

A Holiday Bombshell!

Kristen presents Brady with a rare photograph as a gift on Christmas Eve. Brady believes he and Kristen may have a chance at a real relationship. Boy is he wrong… On Christmas Day, their romantic morning in bed is interrupted when Kristen’s brothers pay her a visit. Brady sneaks out, leaving Kristen alone with EJ and Chad as they exchange gifts. When they leave, Brady returns and makes passionate love to Kristen yet again.

John worries Brady will be alone on New Year’s Eve and suggests to Marlena that they go on a double date with Brady and a woman of his choosing. Marlena freaks out, piquing John’s curiosity. Marlena covers, telling him that she and Hope tried to set Brady up with someone already to no avail and suggests they butt out of his love life.  Meanwhile, Kristen gives in when Brady suggest they spend NYE together. After a heated run-in with Kristen, during which Marlena calls Kristen out for her “evil and calculated” schemes, Marlena is pushed to her breaking point when she spots Kristen and John together. Fed of keeping secrets, Marlena pushes John to pitch his double date idea to Brady, knowing full well that Kristen will be there. John heads over to the office, where sees Brady and Kristen in the throes of passion!


Just when Nicole is ready to give up on faith, she receives an unexpected sign. Marlena and Roman celebrate Eric’s first Midnight Mass. Sami’s honest confrontation with Rafe doesn’t go the way she planned, especially when he tells her he’s tired of her games. EJ is more determined than ever to win Sami’s heart. Daniel and Jennifer have a misunderstanding that almost ruins their plans for a date. EJ encourages Chad to reexamine his feelings for Abby. Will is haunted by dreams of never knowing his child. His conversation with Gabi doesn’t do anything to alleviate his fears. Kate has a negative encounter with Nick, and warns Sonny and Will not to trust him. Gabi may be ready to make a confession to Father Eric…

Coming Soon: Week of December 31

New Year’s Eve kisses give a boost a confidence to one, and makes another even more determined to prove he is the right man for Sami. Kristen exposes her true motives to John.

What do you think of what’s to come? Anything you’re looking forward to? Or maybe not so much? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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