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ABC Family Winter Premiere Previews: ‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘The Lying Game’, & ‘Switched at Birth’


Our favorite ABC Family shows — Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Switched at Birth — are back this week and TVSource has previews for each of their premieres!

Warning: The following previews contain spoilers for each premiere.

Switched at Birth

The fall finale sure left viewers with a major zinger: Not only did Angelo win five million dollars in the lawsuit against the hospital for the birthing switch, but a pregnant woman arrived looking for him. Ouch!

So what happens in the premiere? Much to John’s dismay, Angelo’s money is raining down on everyone in the form of expensive gifts. A member of the Kennish family stumbles upon Angelo’s secret lovechild. Angelo explains what happened and asks them to keep it a secret, but word eventually gets out to Bay. How does she react?

Meanwhile, Daphne is pining for Jeff. After one text message too many, Jeff asks to meet with her. Things don’t go exactly as planned and Emmett’s mother steps in to remind Daphne why it’s important she gets her life together. Will she listen? As if Angelo’s secret wasn’t enough, Bay is accused of cheating on an exam. When things get to be too much, she seeks out Emmett for comfort and the two share a tender moment. Don’t count these two out yet, folks. The adults are dealing with problems of their own as well. Regina ponders a future with Angelo and what could have been while John and Katherine discuss one of them running for state senate.  

Oh, and be on the lookout for the briefly seen Theo, a super cute boy, who I hope sticks around Carlton for a while. 

Pretty Little Liars

In the winter premiere, the girls are still dealing with the aftermath of the Halloween train ride that resulted in Garrett’s death and the reveal that Toby is on Team A. Emily’s father is understandably overprotective these days. This is what happens you’ve had a stalker, who murdered your girlfriend and then tried to murder you. Meanwhile, A is teasing Aria about keeping Ezra’s son a secret. Will the truth come out this season? This isn’t Aria’s only problem. Her father’s former mistress, Meredith, is now a teacher at Rosewood High and let’s just say she’s not too receptive to Aria’s feelings about her. Meredith isn’t the liars only problem. Mona is back at school and manages to change everyone’s perception of her – including Jason! Yes, these two are getting really cozy this season, you guys.

Also, A causes a fire on campus and someone gets caught in it. Perhaps this is her idea of a favor for one of the girls? A flashback with Alison reveals her connection to Byron and why she was blackmailing him. Toby goes for a wild drive and almost runs someone down in the premiere. You won’t believe who it is!

The Lying Game

It’s been an entire year since this show premiered, so chances are you may be feeling a little out of the loop with this show. In the season one finale, Ethan and Emma split because of his feelings for Sutton, Rebecca had just married Alec, unaware that Sutton and Ethan had turned in a photo of Alec holding the murder weapon that killed Derek. who revealed she was well aware that Rebecca is her mother – and the two are in cahoots together!

In the premiere, Sutton and Rebecca reveal exactly why they’re working together. In the aftermath of her father’s arrest, Mads is drinking heavily and makes some not so great choices. Ethan is drinking as well, driving his motorcycle too fast, and skipping school. Emma and Thayer each pay respective visits to Alec, who gives them both the same, serious warning. Alec hires an attorney. While Rebecca continues to drive a rift between Ted and Kristen, Emma and Sutton deal with romantic problems of their own. Sutton fakes an accident to get closer to Ethan, resulting in a heartfelt confession. Thayer admits he has genuine feelings for Emma. Unfortunately, one of these declarations won’t be reciprocated and someone is left standing alone at the end of the night. And as if there weren’t enough paternity issues in this town, a new (and extremely cute) boy bursts on to the scene and has a confrontation with Ethan. His parental connections definitely complicate things even further.

Switched at Birth returns Monday, January 7 at 8 PM. Pretty Little Liars returns Tuesday, January 8 at 8 PM followed by The Lying Game at 9 PM on ABC Family.

What return are you waiting for? Which of these previews excites you the most? Where do you think the shows are headed this season? Sound off in the comments below!

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