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‘Revenge’ “Power” Review: Are Daniel and Emily reuniting? Who’s Emily’s latest target? Which Porter brother is in trouble with the law?



After a short winter hiatus, Revenge returns and finds Victoria and Emily each scheming respective targets.

It’s another day in the Hamptons, which means another party/fundraiser/reason for rich people to break bread and compare their life stories. This week’s just happens to be for Judge Barnes, who worked alongside James Palmer on the David Clarke trial. The Grayson’s are having a fundraiser in his honor, providing the perfect chance for Emily to get closer to another target.

Victoria used Daniel’s feelings for Emily to manipulate her into joining the benefit, unaware that it worked entirely in Emily’s favor. She confessed her son was still in love with Emily, who might be able to help him from getting in over his head as the new CEO of Grayson Global. Even though Emily is just interested in getting close to Judge Barnes, I force myself to believe she’s also doing this because she still loves Daniel. I need to believe this to survive. I don’t care if it’s irrational.

Quick to jump on this opportunity, Emily and Aiden stage a ridiculous and poorly dramatic public breakup that Daniel overhears. Emily blames Aiden’s jealousy over her relationship with Daniel for their demise, which causes Daniel’s ego wells with so much pride that his head barely fits in the restaurant doorway when he goes to make sure Emily is okay. Later Nolan picks up on their “fakeup” and Aiden explains that he can get closer to Daniel this way. This causes Nolan to deliver the most delicious line of the night, “Bros before hos only works if he’s not still in love with the ho, bro.” I don’t know about you, but I’m still laughing.

The fakeup is enough to convince Daniel to come to Victoria’s dinner for Judge Barnes. The dinner is filled with Conrad digs, Emily lies, and Judge Barnes enjoying the ridiculousness. Emily makes things very awkward by outwardly asking him about James Palmer, the accident that killed him (totally the Initiative’s doing), and his connection to David Clarke’s case. Barnes’ wife, Patricia, speaks up in favor of Palmer. It doesn’t take long for Emily to connect the dots and realize Patricia knew Palmer very well. In fact, she wrote a letter maintaining David’s innocence and how Palmer would have sought a mistrial.

It doesn’t take much manipulation for Emily to convince Patricia to come forward with this information. When Patricia takes the microphone at her husband’s benefit, she reveals that Clarke’s jury was tainted and should have been a mistrial, but something stropped Palmer from coming forward. She believes her husband will abuse the system in the same and reveals he’s been physically abusing her as well. Whoa.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the Ryan brothers are bringing narcotics into the bar. Declan catches on very quickly and confronts Jack about it. Worried, Jack sends Amanda and Carl (I am still not over this baby’s name) to stay with Emily. Thank God he did because that same evening the Montauk Police Department rush the bar and find the drugs and gun hidden in the boat. The Ryan brothers blame Declan, but ever the dutiful brother, Jack takes the fall.

Jack’s not the only one dealing with skeevy men. Marco has his sights set on Nolan again and isn’t taking no for an answer. Clearly, he’s never read He’s Just Not That Into You or he’d realize Nolan is never going to be Team Marco again… Or that’s what one might think until Marco gives Nolan an old program they were working on and abandoned. Is this the kryptonite to Nolan’s resistance? And just what will this program do to Grayson Global? Apparently, ruin the entire company!

Little does everyone know, but Daniel already has enough Grayson Global problems thanks to the Initiative. They’ve contacted him to search for rogue files in the system and he asks Nolan for help. The Initiative later contacts Daniel to inform him that Nolan left a trail of digital breadcrumbs to a major secret. Any ideas what that could be? If I cared more about the Initiative I might make assumptions, but I don’t. They’ve got the entire Grayson Global firm under their thumb – and now Aiden, too. Turns out the Initiative has kept Aiden’s sister alive. If he works with them, he’ll be reunited with her. If not, he’ll never get to see her again.

Quite honestly, the Initiative bores me. This isn’t Alias, you guys. It’s the Hamptons. I just want my revenge plots, silly schemes, and Daniel naked in Emily’s bed. I’m not asking for much. Given that Daniel sought Emily out for help and pulled her into a seriously hot kiss while Aiden watched on, I just may get my wish. Honestly, Daniel is so cute and adorable and has a smile that like makes my heart sing. It’s not fair that he’s so gullible and duped by everyone around him. IT IS JUST NOT FAIR. I’d never treat you that way, Daniel. Never.


Next week, Aiden is jealous of Daniel getting closer to Emily. Does he have something to worry about? What do you think the Initiative’s revealed to Daniel about the company? Will Nolan find himself falling for Marco again? Leave your speculations below and I’ll see you back here next week. 

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