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‘Revenge’ Recap: “Sabotage”



Everyone gathers for Emily’s wine auction charity event – and two attendees are kidnapped!

Emily and Aiden throw a wine auction to draw out their latest victims – Initiative Lady and Jason, a rich, competitive friend of Conrad’s. The auction led to what was basically a pissing contest between Daniel and Jason, ending with Daniel buying a bottle of wine for a million dollars. 

After the auction, Aiden went off with the Initiative Lady, got stuck in an elevator, were gassed, and woke up tied to a couple of chairs. In true badass fashion, he broke free from the chair, fought and shot their kidnapper, and led them to their escape. When they ran away, it was revealed that Nolan and Emily were the kidnappers.

The Initiative contacts Daniel about acquiring Stonehaven United Solutions, which is later thwarted by Victoria telling Jason about the company. Hello, sabotage.

Meanwhile, Nolan busted Marco on some sneaky hijinks via email with Daniel, but Marco maintained his innocence, revealing the exact information Padma wanted. Remember that software Marco mentioned an episode or so ago? The Initiative wants it and it turns out Padma’s been spying for them. My heart breaks for Nolan. The upside? Marco is a lover scorned and he’ll eventually find out what Padma is doing, reveal it, and then comfort Nolan. I approve of this.

Also, Ashley blackmailed her way back into the Grayson circle. Social-climbing bitch. Go find something better to do, tramp. Conrad took pity on Jack (and helped his public image) when he got him released from jail – not that anyone really cares about Jack anyway. 

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Favorite Moment: The show ending and allowing me to delete it from my DVR. Sweet freedom! |

Most Cringe Worthy Moment: Anytime Daniel complimented, kissed, or was just simply sweet to Emily. I loved this couple in season one – and hey, I am all about them getting back together – but I hate that Daniel is so gullible and unaware of Emily’s true intentions. He deserves so much better than this. Also, spending a million dollars on wine is never charming, Daniel, even if you have the sexy wink to back it up.

Hottest Character: Daniel Grayon, hands down. The hair, the suit, that super sweet smile – not to mention the kiss he pulled him Emily into in his office. I’ll pretend that she didn’t basically reject him. Also, I just love the way he walks around the office and leans over desks with his CEO authority. So. Damn. Hot. 

Character We Loved This Week: Padma. Because she basically told Nolan she loved him and couldn’t survive without him and was later revealed to be working for the Initiative. Whoa

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Jack. The Ryan Brothers. Amanda. Declan. This entire awful storyline. The only one forgivable is Carl because he’s a baby and can’t help who he was born to or that his mother gave him an awful name.

Best One-Liner: The James Bond exchange between Nolan and Aiden at the wine auction. It was so cute I may have cracked a smile. 

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: Victoria and Emily going another round while things continue to heat up between her and Daniel – so much so it looks like Aiden might actually be ending things?!
Rating: 2/5 which may seem harsh, but given what a whirlwind this show was in the first season and how lackluster it’s become in this one, a two is pretty kind. 

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